Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Weekly LiM offers and releases post... a bit late

Hi everyone!

I should have written this on Sunday, but if you throw together the fact that I'm lazy, that my netbook was formated on Sunday and I hate writing using it with a passion and that I've been quite busy (did I say I'm lazy?) well, I've kind of neglected the blog.

I'm very surprised that I get many visits everyday, I hope you people like the content and find it interesting/useful or at least entertaining. Is there anything you would like me to add to the blog? Any topic you want me to talk about, looks you want to see, tutorials... whatever. I'm open to ideas so if you give me one I'll give it a try.

This week has been very prolific at Lost in Makeupland. There have been quite a few releases. Let's take a look at them!

-This week's Lifestyle release was Sugar-coated, a gorgeous bright light blue. Here's a pic of me wearing it on my lid with Party on the outer corner. In this look I also used Glow (the highlight you see on the rest of my lid) and Snow in the inner corner and just under my eyebrow.

-Glow. Another highlighter. I really like it. It's a lovely sheer golden toned highlighter, great for achieving a natural glow on your skin. It was swatched with no primer.

-Individual full sizes and samples of the Rock my Look collection. FINALLY!! I also swatched the whole collection as liners and added it to the listings. What do you think?

About this weekly offer... you get a full size eyeshadow of your choice from the Rock my Look or the Lifestyle collections with every order over $10 (shipping not included). Not a bad deal!!

I would also like to apologize to a couple of customers who are getting their orders these days in big baggies instead of the small ones I use. There have been delays in every supplies orders I've made early in the month and I ran out of sample baggies. I just received a large order of them so it won't happen again. These customers have also received more product than usual to make up for it.

On a last note, if you have done any looks using my products and would like me to feature them both on the blog and on a Facebook page I'm working on (I've said it more than once, I'm computer challenged LOL) email them to me at lostinmakeupland @ gmail . com

I'm going to add a little page on the top (next to About, Contact, etc) where I'll be posting pictures you people send me. I'll add another one where I'll list all the reviews on my products so you can check what other people has experienced with them. If you have written a review about Lost in Makeupland or have stumbled upon one on the net, send me the link so I can post a link to it here too.

UPS!! It ended up being a rather large post lol.


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