Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally!! And coming soon...

Today I have a couple of announcements!! Full size 10 gram jars for highlighters Glow and Faerie are already available on my shop, at $8 I think is a fair price for them.

On another note, I also made a Facebook page for LiM, check it out!

And, I'm showing you a sneak peak of what's coming this Monday, a new Lifestyle eyeshadow, Mustard!! It is a greenish gold, with a nearly metallic look to it. It's beautiful and has a lot of blending possibilities!

I'm also going to start selling blushes as soon as I put together pictures and text they'll be up on my shop. Blush prices will be $4.00 MiniSize 5gr jar and $7.00 Full size 10gr jar.

How should I use the Facebook page? What do you think of Mustard? Do you find my highlighter and blush prices fair? I'll be glad to know your opinion! :)


Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

Definitely use your facebook page as a way of advertising offers and new products. It's also a great way of getting looks from your fans using your makeup too.

Your prices are definitely fair and Mustard is gorgeous!

Lost in Makeupland said...

Yes that's the idea, everybody uses FB so it's a nice way to be in touch with everybody and also a way to feature everybody's looks. Also, I'll be running sales and giveaways that will only be seen there ;)

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