Saturday, December 18, 2010

New earrings yay!

Hi everyone!! Today I would have liked to do some swatching and overall be a productive person, but it's been so rainy and dark I couldn't do anything, just taking a look at invoices and that kind of stuff. Lightening is so bad I'm not bothering taking pictures of my EOTD. I'm wearing something pretty basic, light neutral shadows on my eyes with thick eyeliner and lots of mascara and Nyx B52 on my lips, even though I might change it to red if I go out later.

So today's post won't be makeup related. I just want to show you a pair of earrings I bought on Etsy, on the Heidi's Jewelry Designs shop. I found them randomly looking for a necklace, I found the matching necklace on this shop but found it was more expensive than I was willing to pay, then I saw the earrings and couldn't help myself!! They have a section called Pay it Forward, where you pay only for materials and shipping. I paid $4.45 and received them quite soon.

Here's a picture of them on my ears (ignore my roots, I REALLY need to bleach them lol) 

I find they are quite well made, even though the way they are assembled disgusts me because they turn a bit inwards so you don't see their shape unless I turn my head. But overall I really like them.

Do you like them? Is there any jewerly shop on Etsy you would recommend me? I'm still on the hunt for a nice necklace and more earrings :)


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