Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly sale!

EDIT: Sale ends May 8th, I don't know how I looked up dates lol!

Since lately things have been so slow at Makeupland, I'm a bit discouraged on thinking about sales and fun stuff, but still can't help but come up with nice offers for you.

Until Sunday May 8th you'll get a SURPRISE gift with any orders over $15 (shipping not included). It can be a full size product, a sample pack, a discount code... A surprise!

This offer is valid at both my ArtFire and Etsy shops (but as usual, I'll love you more if you buy at ArtFire ;) ).

Are you into surprise gifts? How have your experiences with them been?


Friday, April 29, 2011

Alice's got chains...

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally, I released the Alice's Chains collection! I've been posting swatches on Twitter during the day (I can't deny it, I love teasing you!) and announced it'd be released tonight, but now it's for REAL.

Six gorgeous, deep eyeshadows which are perfect for a soft yet fun look if you don't want to go overboard but at the same time, they're highly pigmented and will help you achieve a bold look if that's what you're looking for.

I tried to make the collection fun and suitable for everyone and find these colors will flatter most eye colors and will work great on most skin tones.

I'm really excited about it since I've been holding it like forever but it's finally here!

It'll be available in samples and full sizes. If there is a demand for it, I'll also list a pack with the whole collection at a reduced price.

From now on (samples tonight and I'll add full sizes tomorrow, it's a bit hard to stay awake atm) it's available on both my ArtFire and Etsy shops.

I'd love to know your early thoughts about this mini collection <3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shipping charges updated!

Hi everyone, this is just a quick note to let you know that my shipping charges have been updated already. I think my prices are still reasonable and affordable :)

Thanks everyone for being so supportive and understanding, you have no idea of how much I appreciate you all :)


Holy Sale!

This week is Spanish's Semana Santa (Holy Week?, I don't know what's celebrated abroad lol) and to celebrate there's nice, long holidays I'm doing a sale during the weekend, don't miss on it!

10% off every item on my ArtFire shop and 5% off Etsy orders using the code HOLY5 at checkout.


<3 (Really, you girls are the best ^^)

It's hard to stay cheap

Since I opened my shop, I've tried to keep costs for my customers as low as possible, I'm always putting sales together, try to make you win stuff etc.

But there is a downside to it, especially when it's a not widely known shop like mine with very few sales, and it is that I don't get to cover supplies costs etc. Not only have my shipping expenses gone up (when I order supplies), but also it's being more expensive to ship products to you. In fact, I charge customers so little that I charge LESS than what it's costing me to ship their orders. Well, I can't put up with it. I'm sorry but I can't, I'm losing money and if I don't charge what I should, I'll end up closing the shop in a couple of months. I can't sustain it if there aren't orders or if I lose money with every order.

I never thought this would be a quick buck (if I did, I'd be a repackager and wouldn't give a shit about getting out quality products), and I don't want you thinking I'm greedy or anything. I'm going to show you with pictures and facts what I'm talking about and why I've had to take the decision to increase shipping charges on my customers.

Right now, what I charge for shipping is (for the first item), I always ship via ordinary shipping:

-Samples, Mini Pressed refills, Rock my Look sample pack: $2
-Full sizes, 10 sample pack, Palette refills, Full size Rock my Look collection: $3,5
-Palettes: $4,5
-Get the look packs: $4

NOW, I'm going to show you Spanish Correos prices. Keep in mind that these prices are in Euros, I'm posting the conversion into dollars too. If you want to check them yourself, use a currency converter and see by yourself. The images have been taken from the correos website, with links on the titles so you check for yourself. If the page shows up in Spanish, you can hit the Welcome word on the upper right corner and it'll switch into English. Once there, scroll down until you reach International prices.

Standard shipping (no tracking)

Zone 1 is Europe and countries in Europe which aren't a part of the EU. Zone 2 is the rest of the world.

Packages up to 50grams: €1,30 = $1,88
Packages up to 100grams: €2 = $2,89
Packages over 100grams: €6 = $8,67

Packages up to 50grams: €1,70 = $2,46
Packages up to 100grams: €2,80 = $4,05
Packages over 100grams: €9,60 = $13,87

Registered shipping (with tracking number)

Zone 1 is Europe and countries in Europe which aren't a part of the EU. Zone 2 is the rest of the world.

Packages up to 50grams: €3,60 = $5,20
Packages up to 100grams: €4,30 = $6,21
Packages over 100grams: €8,30 = $11,99

Packages up to 50grams: €4 = $5,78
Packages up to 100grams: €5,10 = $7,37
Packages over 100grams: €11,90 = $17,19

I think that speaks for itself. It also needs to be said that I have to pay for envelopes and drive to the post office (the one I currently go to is 10 minutes driving from home). Diesel is +/- €1,30 per liter ($1,88), it'd been long since it reached such price.

During the weekend I'll update my shipping charges on both my Etsy and ArtFire shops. I'll post a quick note once it's done.

Here are the new shipping prices:

-Samples, Mini Pressed refills, Rock my Look sample pack: $2,75
-Full sizes, 10 sample pack, Palette refills: $4,25
-Palettes: $5,5
-Get the look packs, Full size Rock my Look collection: $5

I'm sorry about this and I'm afraid it's not going to do any good to my sales, but I just can't keep up with these prices.

I hope everybody understands the situation. I'd love to hear your insights on this.


Monday, April 18, 2011

A quick note on pressed eyeshadows

From now on I won't be taking more orders of any of the Rock My Look collection shades in pressed form. They just don't work well (most of them apply plain black when pressed) and I have to go and reformulate the shade multiple times and I'm just not happy with the results. When I started to press shadows, I tried to press Queen out of RML because I thought it'd be the hardest one to work with and it went ok so I didn't try the others.

All that together makes:

1. I lose money and waste supplies
2. Waste a long time, both mine and my customer's.
3. Orders take longer to ship because I'm stuck with one pressed sample.
4. Me ANGRY as hell.

Thing is, when I press shadows I always press one for the customer and another one out of that same mix for myself to quality control. So when customer bought other shades from the collection I started to experience trouble which has lead me to the decision to not press them anymore.

I have to clarify that I haven't shipped any of the non working RML shades, just in case anyone thinks I've shipped them not working.

So, if anyone requests them I'll refund them that shade or give them the option to chose another shade.

I'm sorry because the Rock My Look line is very popular and a lot of people wants them as pressed liners, but that won't be an option for some time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Makeupland's Weekly Post

It's very late in the week, but here it is my little resume of what's going on here at Makeupland these days.

Alice's Chains

I've decided to release the collection next Wednesday, April 20. I'll give you more details at the start of the week. Remember about it? I reformulated it some time ago, but never released it.

Here you have my old swatches as a reminder :D


I blogged last week about the TKB Pops being discontinued and the trouble that brought to my business because of the need to reformulate and the ingredients on the possible replacements.

Well, I asked around the net and was told about other companies with possible replacements. At the end I've decided to stick to really similar micas carried by Coastal Scents. I can't be thankful enough to Melissa, the wonderful woman behind Morgana Cryptoria, because she sent me the links and gave me some useful info on suppliers. You already know I'm a Morgana fan and about my obsession with her lippies, well, I can't recommend you enough this shop, they offer great quality products (my favourite lipsticks!) and you also get a wonderful customer service and honesty. I think all of us indie sellers should be like Melissa when it comes to professionality :)

It will take me some time to be able to order these micas and formulate my products like they originally were. The great thing about these micas is that they have the same basic ingredients than the Pops.

Weekly Offer

Until next Sunday 24, you can get a 10% off every order over $15 (doesn't include shipping) at my ArtFire shop! Just write the coupon APRIL10 at checkout for the discount :D

I'll keep this post short, so it ends here, but I can't help but point you towards Lisa Eldridge's site. She's currently doing a special on make up through the eras, and the different trends and products on the different decades from Victorian up to nowadays. It's DELIGHTFUL hearing her talk about what was used and how woman used it through the years, the incredible packaging and pigmentation of some products... Aaaaah! I've watched the three videos up so far a few times and squeeee every time! Tell me they aren't delightful and awesome IF YOU DARE!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Love Indie! A little bit of red

I'm trying to post more often and spent this afternoon writing down a few posts that you'll see during the week. My goal is to post at least four times per week from now on, and hope I can accomplish it! :D

Today I'll show you a few products I've seen online that I'm just loving. I only own one of them, but really wish I could have them all! I've put together a list of red gorgeous items. Enjoy!

Bamboo Vinyl Mural by Single Stone Studios

Cherry Earrings by Neverland Jewelry

Dead Like Me hairclip by Cute and Creepy

Hearts Eyeshadow from The Legens Collection by Shiro Cosmetics

70's Hippie Smock Dress by Ruby Chic

Love Lies Bleeding lipstick by Morgana Cryptoria

If you follow my blog and twitter, you'll know I love Morgana's lipsticks. I've had a hard time picking ONLY one of her reds, but today I chose this one. This is a swatch of my own, one I used on my first Morgana post (BTW, I have to do a second one with another order I made, I'm in LOVE).

 Splattered hand painted Zombie Heels by Shadow Empress

 Red Python Print top by You Bad Girl

Post like this one are so fun!

I'm completely in love with these products, what about you? Have you made any recent discoveries on Etsy you'd like to share?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

EOTD Yellow, red, purple and blue :)


I'm trying to post more often and this morning I felt inspired for some make up. Pictures have been taken under horrible light but I hope you get the idea of the colors.

I got the inspiration for this look from this picture, from the model on the right's clothes. I saw it then decided to play a bit with makeup.

Taken from Forever 21's Spring 2011 Lookbook.

I  didn't take full face pictures because my skin right SUCKS at the momment. I have dry patches all over, redness and a few breakouts. 

I also took pictures of my lips, excuse how bruised and chapped they are, they make the gorgeous lipstick I used no justice. I will swatch it properly when my lips look better ;)


-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
-Lost in Makeupland Lazy Sunday (inner corner and up to the crease)
-Lost in Makeupland Not too much (lid, closer to the lashline)
-Lost in Makeupland Go! (lid, over Not too much and into outer corner)
-Lost in Makeupland Party (outer part of the lid and into the crease) 
-Lost in Makeupland Glow (highlighter, browbone, inner corner, face)
-MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
-Deborah 264 eyeliner (waterline)
-Too Faced Lash Injection mascara

-Clinique Perfectly Real Make up Foundation in 02 (P)
-Lost in Makeupland Finishing powder for Normal to Combination skin
-Lost in Makeupland Say it isn't so Blush

-Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Roses and Violets

-One Hand Washes the Other Fresh Snow

How do you get inspiration for your looks? Is spring making you more daring on your makeup? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, the drama. No more POP

It's no secret by now and we all know it. The TKB Pop micas, also know as THE HOLY GRAIL INGREDIENTS for repackagers (I bet all of you have seen the "unique rainbow sets" lots of sellers offer), are a really basic mica that those of us makeup formulators find versatile, handy and really useful when it comes to creating, tweaking and give a color that extra "something" I like. They're easy to use and blend and overall GREAT.

I personally don't use them as my main ingredients on my colors, but as a part of my blend. It makes a big difference not using them though.

Currently I'm only out of one of the Pop Micas, Strawberry Pop, which can be duped mixing Tangerine and Raspberry. But from this month on I'll be starting to replace them since I'm almost out of the rest of Pops.

Some of you have noticed that some of my shades look different now and it's because of this. Even though Strawberry can be duped, it's not exact and the shades containing the duped Strawberry look different now. My listings will be updated with the new ingredient lists as I do that and I'll put here on the blog a list of the reformulated shades so you know what's going on.

TKB Trading discontinued the Pops some time ago. This is the message you can find at their site.

Ok, so they have some replacements, but there is something to keep in mind, and it is the ingredients of them and the fact that they aren't exact dupes, so, the finished product you'll get when you replace the Pop mica from your recipe with one of them won't be the same AND your ingredient list won't be the same.

The Pop mica's ingredient list is the following:

Image taken from the TKB Trading site. 

-Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide.

Replacements TKB suggests:

 Images taken from the TKB Trading site.

-TRUE BLUE: Mica, titanium dioxide,  Blue #1 Al Lake dye, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, preservatives.
-TRUE CORAL: Mica, titanium dioxide, Red #40 Al Lake dye, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, preservatives.
-TRUE YELLOW: Mica, titanium dioxide, Yellow #5 Al Lake, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, preservatives.
-TRUE GREEN: Mica, titanium dioxide, Blue #1 Al Lake dye, Yellow #5 Al Lake dye, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, preservatives.
-TRUE RED/ORANGE: Mica, titanium dioxide, Red #7 Ca Lake dye, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, preservatives. THIS SHADE IS NOT SAFE FOR EYE USE.
-AMETHYST: Mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide.
-PATAGONIAN PURPLE: Mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, ferric ferrocyanide. THIS SHADE IS NOT SAFE FOR LIP USE.
-PASSION ORANGE: Mica, titanium dioxide, aluminum oxide.

As you can see, most of these colors contain dyes, preservatives and one of them isn't approved for eye use.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the use of dyes, BUT, it's obvious that if your products contain them you must state it clearly to avoid possible allergic reactions AND you have to state where they can and can not be used. And obviously it's not clever to put a non eye safe product in an eyeshadow, same as it isn't to add a no lip safe mica on a lip product.

We sellers must make it clear for our customers and you, as a customer, please make sure you know what's in the product you buy. This should apply for everything else, but, if you can't find an ingredient list on a shop, ask the seller first. If you still have doubts, research the ingredients. If a seller refuses to tell you what's in their product, skip them. Don't put your health at risk.

I think we all know by now what can happen if you use a product that's not safe for the eye area. I'm not going to go into dramas here, but there is a lot of info out there and a lot of blogs addressing these issues.

I don't want anyone to panic now and think mineral makeup is dangerous, it's not my intention at all. I just want you to understand that you have to know what you put on your skin, and people like me, who develops the products you're going to use, need to be open about this and the ingredients we use and have to be transparent and provide the information you need to make sure you feel safe and confident using our products.

If you have any questions or doubts, don't hesitate to ask me, I will try to make everything clear and solve any doubts you may have. You can contact me via commenting on my blog, via Twitter @lostmakeupland or email me directly at

Now I'd like to ask you, how do you feel about the situation? Are you going to look up more closely what you're buying now? Do you trust sellers on this topic? Do you think my approach on this is adequate?

I think we all have our word on this, and I'd love to hear yours.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Tuesday at Makeupland (laaate Weekly Post)

I know it's been forever since I last posted here, I'm not even going to give any excuses, just say I'm sorry and really hope I could sit down and write the MILLION ideas on my schedule.

I don't want the post to be Bible-long, so I'm going to try to be concise and clear.

Weekly Offer

This week I've gone crazy, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE at my ArtFire shop!! (not on Etsy, sorry!). Everything applies except palettes and pressed palette refills.
This leads me to...


Lost in Makeupland is now on ArtFire too! For those of you who don't know ArtFire, it's an Etsy-like place but better.
Why? I'll give you the simplest reason. NO FEES for me. As my shop slowly grows, I also have to pay more Etsy fees and have to buy more supplies. I just can't put up with that.
Shipping costs have gone crazy, I'm still unemployed and have to pay my car, bills and eat and I just can't. I also want to study and just can't pay for it all. I don't want to raise my shipping charges and want to keep LiM affordable for everybody and that's the only way to do it I can come up with.

So, from now on, all my offers, discounts and a little reward system for returning customers I want to put up before summer are going to be on my ArtFire shop only.
Registering there is free for you and pricing will be the same for my products.

Navigation is easy and hey, the shop looks lovely! Another plus is that I can add more product pictures, keep a blog there... Really, it's amazing the tools they give us sellers to make the experience so much nicer and easier for you.

I'm not going to close my Etsy shop, but I'd like my customers to use the ArtFire one instead. Obviously, it's up to you whether you prefer to buy there or not, but it's a nice way to help support companies you like.

If you have any doubts or questions as to how to use ArtFire, just let me know and I'll try to put together a mini tutorial or something :)

Contest winners

I know, I know! I haven't forgotten about this! So, before you get bored of my ramblings and go away, I'll announce the winners of my 100 sales celebration contest! 

And, the lucky winners are:

-My favourite look (this was really hard to chose! I loved them all!) who'll receive 10 samples of her choice...


-For the 50% off coupons

Aaaaaand, the big winner of $50 in Lost in Makeupland products of her choice is....

Congratulations ladies!!! I hope you're happy with your prices :D I'll contact all of you during this week with all the info.

I want to thank all the people who joined the contest, it was fun and I loved it. Next one will be when I reach 500! ;D

What's going on?
I'm working on a LOT of things. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and know me a bit know that I'm not going through good times. It affects me in a weird way, I find it very hard to sit down and "produce" stuff but I'm incredibly creative, I've been making a lot of new products, some of them have been tested already, some are being tested and others I haven't found the time to try yet.

As a new, important note, I'm trying out lip balm formulas, they're so fun! I can't give a launch date yet since it's still in the earliest phase of testing. I'll be sending a few volunteers samples so they can try them and I can also check how they behave in different weathers. My idea is to sell them in cute little tins, tinted and not. I haven't decided on a price yet. I'll tell you more about this as soon as I can.

The Alice's Chains collection is definitely going to be released this month.I want to add a couple of new blush shades to it, one of them will be very neutral going in the line of the collection, and the other will be EXTRA bold. The jar design will be super cute, it was designed by the lovely Sakura and I love it. <3

I also have a bunch of new highlighters ready to be released but don't see that happening anytime soon. I'm quite low on some supplies and until I find a new jar supplier with REASONABLE shipping costs I can't spend a fortune on big jars. Really, it's insane the way prices have gone up, I can't put up with that.

Something beautiful

I want to finish this post with something beautiful. I'm always angry at my neighbour because he's got a lot of trees on his patio and they go into my patio, fruits fall down and ruin mine, tree leaves fall down too, I just fucking hate it and have thought about ruining his trees more than once.

But I have to admit that I love this tree and don't mind it going into my patio (just while it's this beautiful lol). It bloomed a couple of days ago and looks stunning.

So, how are things going on lately? Have you ever used ArtFire? What's your opinion on it? I've only been there for a little time so I'd love to check out other people's opinions. 

Any blogs worth discovering? I'd love to get to know new food, fashion and hair related places on the net :D