Monday, April 18, 2011

A quick note on pressed eyeshadows

From now on I won't be taking more orders of any of the Rock My Look collection shades in pressed form. They just don't work well (most of them apply plain black when pressed) and I have to go and reformulate the shade multiple times and I'm just not happy with the results. When I started to press shadows, I tried to press Queen out of RML because I thought it'd be the hardest one to work with and it went ok so I didn't try the others.

All that together makes:

1. I lose money and waste supplies
2. Waste a long time, both mine and my customer's.
3. Orders take longer to ship because I'm stuck with one pressed sample.
4. Me ANGRY as hell.

Thing is, when I press shadows I always press one for the customer and another one out of that same mix for myself to quality control. So when customer bought other shades from the collection I started to experience trouble which has lead me to the decision to not press them anymore.

I have to clarify that I haven't shipped any of the non working RML shades, just in case anyone thinks I've shipped them not working.

So, if anyone requests them I'll refund them that shade or give them the option to chose another shade.

I'm sorry because the Rock My Look line is very popular and a lot of people wants them as pressed liners, but that won't be an option for some time.


Skulda said...

I'm happy enough with them loose! Practice with wet lining makes perfect.

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