Friday, January 28, 2011


I released the Finishing powders yesterday, but I spent quite a lot of time on my highlighters tutorial that I wasn't inspired (aka was tired) to write another blog post. But they're finally here!!

I'm glad that Lost in Makeupland is growing day by and that I'm able to formulate new stuff, release new colors and different products and hope I can do that for a long time. I love it!

Getting out a new product is something that makes me really happy, so I was very excited yesterday.

I've only released two of the three formulatons since I haven't found anyone to test it near me. I've tested it on myself on "these" days when my skin goes all oily and the results were great, on my normal days it was too drying for me because I'm normal to combination. I need someone with oily skin to test it thoroughly under my direction as I do with all my products. I refuse to release it until then, so currently only the Finishing powders for Normal to Dry and Normal to combination skin are available.

They can be used as finishing powder but also as a primer. What I do is pick a tiny bit of product with a fluffy brush, tap off the excess on the jar's lid or the back of my hand and dust lightly on my face, making sure I'm not applying too much and that it mattifies my skin. To use it as a primer it's the same process. After I apply it, I leave it on my skin for a couple of minutes then I apply my liquid foundation, blush, highlighter and again, finishing powder.

The powder has a thin, lovely consistence, and works great blurring pores and lines, giving you a very similar look as the MUFE HD Powder (silica) but I personally prefer mine because it also has Kaolin clay (on the Normal to Combination and Oily only), silk powder, and boron nitride. All these ingredients together in a certain quantity make the powder glide over your skin better, gives it an extra oil absorption while keeping you moisturized and lasts much longer. I get 3 hours of perfect skin with MUFE HD, with my Normal to Combination Finishing powder I get 6 to 8 hours of perfectly matte and comfortable skin.

See how nice my hand looks with the powder on? If you look to the left you can see the pores and all, but going to the right, everything is blurred and nice and even.

How do you people feel about finishing powders? Which kind of them do you use (pressed, loose, translucent, with color...)? Have you ever used any kind of powder as primer? Did you feel comfortable about it?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips and tricks! How to use Lost in Makeupland highlighters... on your face

Hi everyone! Since they're quite popular and I get lots of questions on my highlighters, I'd thought it'd be nice to show you how I use them on my face. I also wanted you to see how they look on a certain kind of skin. Mine is warm, really warm, so since I get asked about how warm Glow and Faerie are, I've used each one on a side of my face. Both work great on cool skin tones too, but if you are unsure, I'd say go for Glow, or the newly released English Rose. I'd show you English Rose on my face too, but it's too cool toned for me, that one is perfect for cool toned skin and I guess neutral skin tones could rock it too. If you're as warm as me, it will do a good job on your eyes, but may unset a bit your skin tone if you use it on your face. Then again, every face is a world on its own and the fact that it doesn't suit me doesn't mean it won't suit you.

So, I first do my face makeup, today I mixed a bit of my Clinique Perfectly Real foundation in shade #2 (P) with a drop of moisturizer and applied it to my face using my fingers. My skin is doing horribly lately and it feels like my pores are crazy and going huge and gross so I didn't want to apply a heavy layer of makeup on top. Then I put on my blush, Benefit's Coralista since I like to apply highlihter after my blush and blend it a bit downwards onto it.

 This is the before pic.

People usually uses fluffly brushes to apply highlighter, well, I do it differently. I use a Deliplus flat liquid foundation brush, clean and dry. I don't like these kind of brushes for foundation, and I use this one exclusively for highlighting and applying concealer.

Deliplus liquid foundation brush.

First I picked up a bit of Faerie (ups, my jar is empteeeh) and tapped of any excess. You don't want to use too much product, but to build a soft light on your skin. Then I start patting softly while dragging the brush down a bit and bring it down over my cheekbone with what's left on the brush. if you feel that's not enough, repeat the proccess blending the highlighter a bit with the edges of your blush.

This is how it looks like after it's been blended out on my skin, see the subtle light? it doesn't have to look like you have anything on, just brighten your skin a bit. Faerie brings out the pink tones of my skin naturally, and adds the touch of light I need for my skin to look healthy and nice.

After that I did the same on the other side with Glow. Same process, lovely result. You can't really compare because the Faerie jar was empty, but Glow is golden while Faerie is a peachy pink. So, what does Glow do? What it does is kind of neutralize any skin tone, which means, that if you're warm like me, it will kind of cool your skin a bit making it a bit more neutral and if your cold, it will warm you up slightly while looking right.

Have you seen the lovely touch it gives the skin? It's quite easy, fast, and you only need a tiny amount of product. You can do this with any kind of highlighter, be it powder or liquid, the key is applying the right amount and blend blend bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend until you get a natural effect that looks like the light comes naturally from your skin.

The last step would be to apply a finishing powder on my skin to set everything and mattify. I took a few pictures for comparison before doing that. Here they are.

 Side with Glow, no flash (Excuse my cracked lips).
 Side with Glow, with flash. (on my lips, Morgana Cryptoria's Twinkling Rubies)
Side with Faerie, no flash.

And done! What do you think of these kind of post? Is there anything you want to know about my products in terms of how to use them, color, etc? If it's on my hands, I'll be glad to show you :)

Hope that was helpful! ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly post, what's new?

This week has started strong here at Lost in Makeupland. There are a lot of things going on, some of them you'll know about really soon, others will be kept a secret for some time.

What I can tell you is that I finally released one of my secret colaboration projects, that is a lovely highlighter I made for the amazing Ana. It's called English Rose and it's perfect for pale, cool toned skin. You can also use it if you're warmer, I specially like it on the inner corners of my eyes.

 Can you see the difference between English Rose and Faerie? They're quite similar but English Rose is a cool pink tone and Faerie is a peachy pink.

Speaking of Ana, she's posted an update on my company on her blog and you can check her swatches, highlighter comparison and opinion on them, I'm truly glad she's happy with everything ^_____^

In other news, you know I have a different offer every week, this week I'm keeping last week's offer since it hasn't been around for the whole week and it's quite a nice deal. You get five free samples of your choice if your order is over $20 and if it's over $30 you also get a 30% discount on your next order. Shipping cost not included in the offer.

This week I'm also going to release my finishing powders for Normal to Dry skin and Normal to Combination skin, stay tuned because they'll be out today or tomorrow! ;) These will go in 10gr jars at $8 and sample baggies at $2. I plan on selling bigger jars in the future if they sell well. They work great as finishing powders and I've also tried them as primer before my liquid foundation, with lovely results. I'm so excited about them!!

I'm working in a lot of stuff at the momment!

I can announce that I'll be offering pressed powder highlighters and blushes soon, as palette refills and will also sell small palette duos to those of you who want them. You will also be able to request me to press any of my eyeshadows for you. I'll write an indeep post on this before I start selling them.

I think that's it for the weekly post, yet I have the feeling I'm missing something!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

EOTD If the weather is bad... go tropical!

Today has been a very cold, dark day. It's not raining at the momment but it could start pouring anytime! So I decided I had to put some make up on and cheer myself up a bit.

I've always been a sucker for yellow eyeshadows and it had been quite a long time since I last used mine. Since yesterday I saw these gorgeous Evil Shades swatches on Phyrra's blog, I got inspired to take out my yellows and palettes and play with make up a bit.

First I did the same look on both eyes, but one was matte and the other shimmery. I decided to stay with the matte one and did the other eye and the rest of my face afterwards. Morgana Cryptoria's Azalea Blue was the best possible lipstick to pair it with, and a light touch of blush on my cheeks finished the job.

I've only taken pictures of the eye, sorry about the lack of face ones but my skin is crazy at the momment, all dried out and cracked, but super oily at the same time. Uhhhgg, GROSS!


-Mavala brow pencil Brown
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Kryolan matte yellow AB25
-Sleek Neon Orange from the Acid palette
-Darker red from the Coastal Scents 42 color matte palette
-Darker brown from the Coastal Scents 42 color matte palette
-Sleek matte White from the Acid palette
-Lost in Makeupland Faerie
-Lost in Makeupland Whipped
-MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
-Generic White gel liner
-Too Faced Lash Injection mascara


-Clinique Superbalanced Foundation in Petal
-Clinique Airbrush concealer
-Lost in Makeupland Finishing powder for Normal to Combination skin


-Cargo blush in Catalina
-Benefit Coralista blush


-Morgana Cryptoria Azalea Blue

What do you think? Do you do this kind of looks on winter too? There aren't enough yellow looks out there, I want to see more ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011


This month I've switched to transparent jars instead of the ones with black lids I used before. The black lids got scratched easily and it looked ugly, so I switched to transparent hoping they look better.

After doing so, I was left with a few filled jars that I'm offering now for sale on my Etsy shop.

There are several eyeshadows at $4.50 and a jar of Faerie at $4. Go take a look!!

Click here to see which colors are on sale!

Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks!

05/Feb/2011 UPDATE: As promised, I added lip swatches for the colors I hadn't before, ENJOY!! ;)

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have seen me rave to death these days about Morgana Cryptoria's vegan lipsticks.

It's my second order from that shop and I'm absolutely glad that I placed it. The prices are really fair, I got a shipping notification, the products arrived incredibly fast and, to make it all the better, the products are great. Melissa is lovely and the communication with her is easy and quick. Great quality, the colors suit me well... Can I be any happier?

I ordered four lipsticks:

-Azalea Blue
-Love Lies Bleeding
-Twinkling Rubies
-Very Cherry

The formula is gorgeous, applies opaque in one swipe, I get a good application just from the bullet, which is great and helps me do my lips quick. It does feel really good on my lips as it isn't drying and it lasts and doesn't bleed because it isn't too "liquid". Still, I've worn these lipsticks during more than five hours without needing any lipbalm (I'm always reaching for lipbalms so this is a really good thing).

Not only are the colors gorgeous, but they wear extremely well and for a long time. I've had Twinkling Rubies last on me for five and a half hours, leaving a lovely red stain on my lips. It lasted through eating, drinking a couple of cappucinos, and a redbull. It faded regularly and slowly, so I didn't get any patches.

Overall I'm really impressed because I was expecting something really good and got a Holy Grail. These lipsticks are the perfect excuse to wear a bold lip everyday!

Here you have a few swatches so you understand why I'm so happy!

Azalea Blue it's impressive, a beautiful fuchsia pink with a strong blue shift. My skin is really warm, I'm pale and a bit golden with pink tones so it clashes with my skin tone a bit, still, it doesn't look bad and I find it wearable and in fact I've used it as a lipstick and as a stain, it does leave a gorgeous pink stain once it wears off. I've gotten around four hours of wear with this one.


Love Lies Bleeding is a darker shade of red, looks a bit vampy of me but still wearable, gorgeous for medium to dark skin tones and also flattering for pale people. I especially like it as a lipstain, it's plain beautiful! It lasts on me over three hours.

Twinkling rubies is by far, my favourite. It was a surprise because I hadn't seen any swatch where I could see the glitter properly so I really didn't know what I was buying, but OMG am I glad I ordered it!
It's so beautiful I have no words!! When I apply it to my lips I feel like I'm wearing the most beautiful ruby shoes ever, but on my lips hehe. I find this is the one that lasts on my lips longer. Swatches do it no justice, it's got the most beautiful red sparkle on it.

And my second favourite is Very Cherry, it's a perfect shade of red, more wearable than Twinkling Rubies (it doesn't have glitter). It is GORGEOUS and it's the color that first caught me from the whole Morgana collection. I will update this post with proper lip swatches when I have some time, because it's worth seeing it. It is quite flattering on me and gives my lips a beautiful look. LO-LO-LO-LO-VE it!!!

In conclussion, my experience with Morgana Cryptoria has been great and I will come back, I highly recommend you this store!!

Have you tried Morgana's lippies? Which colors do you like the most? Are there other indie lipsticks you love? I'd love to know! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This weeks sale!!

It's been long since I last did my usual weekly sales, so... it's time to go back! Until Sunday 23th you get 5 free samples of your choice in any orders over $20 and if your purchase exceeds $30 you get a 30% code for your next purchase too!

Will you miss it?

I love shopping indie

I'm going to write a post about a woooonderful package I received yesterday, that's an order from another indie company.

Before I do that, I think there are a couple of things I have to state clear since this is the blog from another indie company.

FIRST OF ALL: This is not a regular beauty blog so I won't be doing proper reviews, there are wonderful blogs on the right bar here where you can check indepht reviews on any company. I will just show you what I bought, swatches and will briefly tell you what I think of it.

BUT!!!! This is important, and it's a big difference from a regular beauty blog, I WILL NEVER TALK SHIT ABOUT ANOTHER COMPANY's PRODUCTS. I think it's unfair, disgusting and kind of nasty. One thing is that I'm sick of the activities from a few nasty companies and give my opinions on that and a very different one is that I buy a product from a honest company and don't like it. If I don't like it, I won't talk about it and that's it because I respect everyone's work and would never try to affect their business negatively. This doesn't mean I'm lying to anyone, just that I won't come here and say "I hated ZZZ product from AAA indie company." The only case when I will talk clearly about a company to warn you to stay away from it would be cases like Calypso, I was ripped off by that company and paypal never refunded my money or continued with my dispute. Still, now I'd never buy from anyone if I haven't seen they're honest (that's one of the reasons I love beauty blogs, but you have to know where to look).

I just want to share things I love with my customers and other people interested in my company, and that's the whole point on me swatching, talking and linking you to other company's shop. My intention isn't to review anything, is to say "hey! I got this wonderful customer service and gorgeous products, me happy yay!!!"

I don't believe in competition because every single one of us makes different stuff, and each one is unique on its own. The fact that I make eyeshadows doesn't mean that I can not buy eyeshadows from another company (indie or mainstream). I love shopping from indie makeup and bath companies and will keep on doing that.

I would like to know what you guys think of this.

Do you find appropiate that I talk about other companies here? I'm completely aware of the fact that it isn't a personal blog even though I like to throw in bits from time to time because I find it nice to interact with you and is a fun way for you to know what and who is behind the company.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock my Look is more than color...

You probably know the Rock my Look collection by now. These eyeshadows are the most popular and most sold in my shop! They are six deep, dark eyeshadows suitable for any kind of look and they can also be used as liners with great results due to their creamy dense formula.

But... do you know where they come from?

I got the inspiration from six different music bands that mean something to me, music that has made me feel during years, inspired me and overall, whose music I love and reach for again and again.

I'll leave a link to a video for each eyeshadow, I'm not posting the actual videos here just in case anyone thinks I'm trying to claim ownership over them or something.

I've also swatched them on top of Pixie Epoxy, you can see how amazing they look using it! I'll write a proper post on Pixie Epoxy soon, but you can check here why I'm so happy with it.

Please let me know if you like this kind of posts or think I should skip them. Sometimes you just see a name on an eyeshadow, or a collection but it doesn't make sense, or just it's not possible to understand why X name is attached to S product. I'm just trying to give you some background on what inspires me to end up giving you the products you see in my shop.

I really really hope you find this post as interesting and enjoyable as writing it was for me. :)

Dream On

Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

Is there anyone in this world who doesn't know Aerosmith? They're kinda like the Rollings, they've always been here and they always will! Dream On is my favourite song from them ever. It makes my hair stand up every time I listen to it, and it's a show of the amazingness of Steven Tyler's voice (recent versions of it sound as great as they did yeeeeears ago) and the way it's composed, the tasty music parts with the elegant guitars floating around the voice... WOW, I could go on forever about this song! You can't tell me you aren't amazed by it!

For Dream On I wanted something antique but edgy, surprising and beautiful. Sadly it's a very hard to photograph shade and I haven't been to swatch it properly yet, but I think it's worth trying.

Click HERE to watch an amazing Dream On performance!


 Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

Oh, my poor Libertines! Many of you won't probably know about The Libertines unles you're Brittish or, like me, a total sucker for all things MTV-2 in the early 2000.

That's the music band where the "what a waster" Pete Doherty started, along with his friend Carl, lots of dreams and illusions and far too many beers and drugs. Despite all the media shit, drugs and the way everything that had nothing to do with music took over the real, shameless, sloppy fresh talent from these guys, they did some great music back them, full of meaning and it sounded so well, so different from the shit that was really going on with them.

The Libs will always have a warm spot on my heart and they'll always make me smile when I think of them.

This eyeshadows was named after a tattoo both Pete and Carl have on their forearms, the word Libertine in a handwrited font. I wanted a deep blue, dark and beautiful but still bright enough to remind myself that there's always hope, it's us who sometimes let go of it and turn our backs to what we have.

You can listen to one of their fresh first songs HERE.


Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

Is it necessary to say anything about Queen? REALLY? They're history, they've made things nobody had before, were and will always be icons. The loss of Freddy Mercury has been in my opinion one of the biggest in music ever and they are just... pure genius!

The voice, the guitars, the chorals they made... Everything blended together, no matter the kind of song, they way the joined a rythm with another, GENIUS.

I'll admit some of their songs sound like crap to me and will never like them, but in general, everything Queen made was great and you always find something in their songs that entrances and takes you to a world where they tell you their little stories in an optimistic kind of way.

To me Queen had to be delicate yet strong at the same time, satiny yet not shimmery due to the lost memory of Mercury and had to be a beautiful elegant dark burgundy to sum that all together and portray my feelings for this band in just one swipe of color.

Click HERE to listen to one of their genius songs, I always listen to this one when in a bad mood and instantly makes me feel better and gives me the shot of energy I need. Today it made wonders on me.

Seven Nation Army

Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

I fucking love The White Stripes. I can't say it any other way. With just a set of drums and a guitar, they make magic. Noisy garage like entracing kind of magic. And I love it. They can just create a magic intimate momment with songs like Jolene or Hotel Yorba or make it all explode and big with Seven Nation Army or Blue Orchid. 

It's a right here, right now music for me, no perfect voices, dirty sound and this little "them" touch that makes you recognize their music instantly.

When I think big and intrincate like the Seven Nation Army video is, I think of a lot of contrast, brightness and stuff all together at the same time. And this eyeshadow is like that, ultra shimmery while still dark, changing depending on light and what you pair it with and overall gorgeous while not the brightest.

You can watch the Seven Nation Army video HERE.


Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

It seems like all I can say it's genius, but, what do I do if they are? And The Mars Volta are big fucking ones. These short, shabby men make the most psychedelic, stunning and unusual gorgeous music ever.

Some of their tracks sound like experiments, full of meaningful, deep guitars that never lose their elegance, the high pitched gorgeous voice that makes you trip around their angst filled lyrics... 

Their music videos are also worth mentioning, they're gorgeous! Well made, dark, different from each other, meaningfull.. I really recommend you to check them out!

This color had to be kind of psychedelic, beautiful and dark at the same time, but bright as their talent, so I settled for this beautiful purple and it's silvery reflection of colors.

You can watch my favourite video from them HERE.

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They're crazy, hysterical, raveish, then they shut you up with some beautiful songs like Maps. Karen O, their singer, means crazy endless energy to me.

They're not the deepest band out there, nor is their music the best, but they shine with their energy, great vibes and talent for show. They're pure spectacle!

I also love Karen's sense of fashion, extreme and fun. That's why I chose this color for them, it's bright and addapts itself to any other color. It is also fun and edgy if you look at it the right way.

You can watch a video from them HERE.

And this is where the Rock my Look collection comes from!! What do you think? :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coming soon...

So after the Christmas craze and the forced stop because of me being sick, things go on in Lost in Makeupland and I have plans on releasing new stuff and keep my company improving and growing.

There are quite a few products in the works. I want to briefly introduce them to you.

Finishing Powders

I've been working on these and testing them for quite some time already, with great results.  These will be released sometime between the end of January or beginning of February.
I've formulated three different powders to suit different skin type needs.

There's the Normal to Dry skin finishing powder, currently being tested by the lovely Sakura (thanks hun!). This powder it's meant to help set and kind of mattify your foundation, diffuse pores and fine lines and keep your skin nice.

My favourite is the Normal to Combination skin one. I've tested it on myself and it has absolutely worked great for me as a finishing powder AND as a primer. I've been using it on a daily basis since I formulated it. I usually wash and tone my skin, then apply a really thin layer of powder on my face, let it sit for a couple of minutes then do my foundation and makeup routine. To finish my makeup, I dust a bit of it again over my face and it keeps me matte and nice for 6-8 hours, depending on how my skin is behaving that day.

Last but not least, I've also formulated a Finishing Powder for Oily skin. I was having a friend test it, but she didn't at the end so I'm still trying to find someone to test it before it is released.
I've tried it on myself, but it's not appropiate for my skin type since I'm normal with a tendency to get slightly to very (depending on the weather and my hormones) oily on my T-zone, so my experience isn't correct in order to test/tweak it. It does dry my skin too much and I have to take it off after minutes. The only conclussion I can take out of this is that it is too drying for normal skin types and would "probably" work on oilier ones, but there's no way I'm releasing this until I get it tested properly.

Alice's Chains collection

When this collection was going to be released, I had a major supply problem so I kept it away for some time. Then, I re-tested it and found I could make some changes since Dirt and Rain When I Die stain my lids so I've tweaked their formulas a bit. It'll probably be released in February.
I really do want to take my time and maybe design some nice packaging for it.

Them Bones, Would?, Dirt, Rain When I Die, Man in The Box, Love Hate Love

More Blushes

I have quite a few blushes formulated and will probably release them all during February. Swatches will be up soon ;)

Lifestyle Collection

I stopped releasing Lifestyle shades back when I had the supply problem in December and it was something else I neglected after being sick. I have a lot of colors from this collection and plan on releasing them. I'm quite fond of them and think they're really nice on terms of color and texture, even though each one has its own.
If everything goes well, I'll be releasing a new Lifestyle eyeshadow on Monday 24. I'll show you some swatches during next week.

Concealing Powders

These are still in the earliest creation process. I'm experimenting with formulas, colors and coverages to come up with a green and yellow powder to even out redness, a light lavender and orange one for under eye concealing... as I've stated, right now that's just experimenting, but I hope something good comes out of it.

More Eyeshadows

I'm also working on more colors with and textures for eyeshadows and will keep on releasing new colors in the following months. I'll probably wait until I'm happy with quite a few and release them all together instead of releasing one by one.


I'm happy to say that there are a few more highlighters coming soon!!! I've done two collaborative super seeeeekrit projects with two wonderful ladies and you'll hear about them soon. I'm very excited about them and hope you will be too once they see the light! ;)

Wow, that's about it I guess, are you people looking forward for something particular? Any suggestions on products, eyeshadow finishes, blushes or finishing powders you'd like? How do you feel about powder concealers? Feedback is always welcome! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

International shipping Chrsitmas delays

This has been my first Christmas as an Etsy seller so this has caught me quite by surprise.

During the whole December month and all of this current month, I've been (still am) quite upset because of the EXTREME delay in orders shipped from Dec 11 to 27. I hope they start showing up eventually because I don't want anyone to think I never shipped their packages. The problem has been only with US customers, nothing went wrong when shipping to any other country.

I knew two packages I shipped on Dec 11 were held on by Spanish customs until Dec 30, because it was shipped as Urgent (wait, I'll laught) International mail and it was registered. I know nothing about the rest of the packages shipped during these dates.

A couple of days ago I found this useful information on Etsy about these delays and realized I'm not the only seller in this delicate situation. Apparently it's happened only with people shipping stuff to the US, not shipping from there.

So please, if you're expecting a package from me that was shipped during December, PLEASE be patient. I'm really sorry that postal services are taking so long and that you've been so unlucky that you have to wait.

Shipping usually takes around a week to arrive to the US and this has been a special and unfortunate one time thing. I will take action if any package is lost and never ends up showing, don't worry about that, but please allow your packages some more time to arrive, I'll just ask that of you.

I've learned though, and next year, Christmas gifts will be shipped on November only and if I ship anything during December it will go by registered mail so it can be tracked at least. I don't like it because that will mean increasing shipping costs for buyers, but it's the only way to be able to stay calm and know what's going on.

Thank you all for your patience!!

Have you had shipping problems during Christmas? I'd love to hear your experiences!

I promise I'm back! Some thinking and love for all of you :)

Hi everyone!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not updating my blog for so long. I've been neglecting it in order of getting other things done and due to life in general.

Christmas has been very busy, Lost in Makeupland is a baby that's trying to stand up on it's own and starting to walk step by little step. I really, REALLY, want to thank you all for keeping up with me, trusting my company and products and giving them a try.

I also want to apologize to all the people who ordered from me by the end of December because I had a long gap where it took me far too long to proccess or ship their orders. I fell sick at the start of January with a horrible cold, which resulted in me not going out of home to ship anything and absolutely and for OBVIOUS hygiene reasons not  going anywhere near products until I got well. No way for me getting near micas and bases while I was constantly coughing, sneezing and wiping my nose every momment. I hope everybody understands it and that it's not a big hassle for you.

A very important thing I want to do is thank all the people who's asked me questions, to those who've bought from me, especially for those of you who have come back after your first purchases. To all the people who's reviewed me (both on blogs and people who convo me telling me what they like about my products and how was their experience with them). Also thanks for those of you who follow my blog, Twitter and Facebook page.

I especially want to thank all the people who's ordered from me during Christmas and are still waiting for their orders to arrive. Thanks for your patience. Apparently, this Christmas have been very problematic for sellers outside the US. I'm going to write a full post about it, because doing some research, I've found out that I'm not the only one who's sent packages that are not arriving. I think it's a very serious matter and believe it deserves a post of it's own. If you ordered between Dec 11 and 27, don't panic just yet!

I'm so happy with the way things are going for my company, that I can't complain. Lost in Makeupland has been open for two months and a half and I've made more than 50 sales already, which I think it's great.

It's quite a bit overwhelming in the way that I'm changing my work schedule to adapt myself to the growing of the shop. I'm still deep into that, so I'm working slower at the momment and hope things go faster starting this new week. My current turnaround time is 2-5 days.

I'll be catching up with you guys in blog stuff during this next week, but I'll leave a little list of some of the topics I'm going to cover soon here:

-I've made a couple of giveaways.
-Upcoming products (a deep look into my Face powders, Alice's Chains collection which is being reformulated)
-I'm using transparent jars for eyeshadows instead of shiny black lids.
-Looks by you.
-Part 2 of the How I test my products post.
-The wonders of Pixie Epoxy (thanks Sakura for sending me some!)
-I've bought stuff from some lovely indie companies and will tell you what I think of everything.
-Looks by me.