Friday, January 28, 2011


I released the Finishing powders yesterday, but I spent quite a lot of time on my highlighters tutorial that I wasn't inspired (aka was tired) to write another blog post. But they're finally here!!

I'm glad that Lost in Makeupland is growing day by and that I'm able to formulate new stuff, release new colors and different products and hope I can do that for a long time. I love it!

Getting out a new product is something that makes me really happy, so I was very excited yesterday.

I've only released two of the three formulatons since I haven't found anyone to test it near me. I've tested it on myself on "these" days when my skin goes all oily and the results were great, on my normal days it was too drying for me because I'm normal to combination. I need someone with oily skin to test it thoroughly under my direction as I do with all my products. I refuse to release it until then, so currently only the Finishing powders for Normal to Dry and Normal to combination skin are available.

They can be used as finishing powder but also as a primer. What I do is pick a tiny bit of product with a fluffy brush, tap off the excess on the jar's lid or the back of my hand and dust lightly on my face, making sure I'm not applying too much and that it mattifies my skin. To use it as a primer it's the same process. After I apply it, I leave it on my skin for a couple of minutes then I apply my liquid foundation, blush, highlighter and again, finishing powder.

The powder has a thin, lovely consistence, and works great blurring pores and lines, giving you a very similar look as the MUFE HD Powder (silica) but I personally prefer mine because it also has Kaolin clay (on the Normal to Combination and Oily only), silk powder, and boron nitride. All these ingredients together in a certain quantity make the powder glide over your skin better, gives it an extra oil absorption while keeping you moisturized and lasts much longer. I get 3 hours of perfect skin with MUFE HD, with my Normal to Combination Finishing powder I get 6 to 8 hours of perfectly matte and comfortable skin.

See how nice my hand looks with the powder on? If you look to the left you can see the pores and all, but going to the right, everything is blurred and nice and even.

How do you people feel about finishing powders? Which kind of them do you use (pressed, loose, translucent, with color...)? Have you ever used any kind of powder as primer? Did you feel comfortable about it?


Hebridean Sprite said...

the oily skin finishing powder sounds fantastic. I have oily skin and it's always so difficult to find a good finishing powder that not only looks nice on but keeps me matte AND lasts a decent amount of time. Anyways, looking forward to the finishing powders release!

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