Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock my Look is more than color...

You probably know the Rock my Look collection by now. These eyeshadows are the most popular and most sold in my shop! They are six deep, dark eyeshadows suitable for any kind of look and they can also be used as liners with great results due to their creamy dense formula.

But... do you know where they come from?

I got the inspiration from six different music bands that mean something to me, music that has made me feel during years, inspired me and overall, whose music I love and reach for again and again.

I'll leave a link to a video for each eyeshadow, I'm not posting the actual videos here just in case anyone thinks I'm trying to claim ownership over them or something.

I've also swatched them on top of Pixie Epoxy, you can see how amazing they look using it! I'll write a proper post on Pixie Epoxy soon, but you can check here why I'm so happy with it.

Please let me know if you like this kind of posts or think I should skip them. Sometimes you just see a name on an eyeshadow, or a collection but it doesn't make sense, or just it's not possible to understand why X name is attached to S product. I'm just trying to give you some background on what inspires me to end up giving you the products you see in my shop.

I really really hope you find this post as interesting and enjoyable as writing it was for me. :)

Dream On

Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

Is there anyone in this world who doesn't know Aerosmith? They're kinda like the Rollings, they've always been here and they always will! Dream On is my favourite song from them ever. It makes my hair stand up every time I listen to it, and it's a show of the amazingness of Steven Tyler's voice (recent versions of it sound as great as they did yeeeeears ago) and the way it's composed, the tasty music parts with the elegant guitars floating around the voice... WOW, I could go on forever about this song! You can't tell me you aren't amazed by it!

For Dream On I wanted something antique but edgy, surprising and beautiful. Sadly it's a very hard to photograph shade and I haven't been to swatch it properly yet, but I think it's worth trying.

Click HERE to watch an amazing Dream On performance!


 Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

Oh, my poor Libertines! Many of you won't probably know about The Libertines unles you're Brittish or, like me, a total sucker for all things MTV-2 in the early 2000.

That's the music band where the "what a waster" Pete Doherty started, along with his friend Carl, lots of dreams and illusions and far too many beers and drugs. Despite all the media shit, drugs and the way everything that had nothing to do with music took over the real, shameless, sloppy fresh talent from these guys, they did some great music back them, full of meaning and it sounded so well, so different from the shit that was really going on with them.

The Libs will always have a warm spot on my heart and they'll always make me smile when I think of them.

This eyeshadows was named after a tattoo both Pete and Carl have on their forearms, the word Libertine in a handwrited font. I wanted a deep blue, dark and beautiful but still bright enough to remind myself that there's always hope, it's us who sometimes let go of it and turn our backs to what we have.

You can listen to one of their fresh first songs HERE.


Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

Is it necessary to say anything about Queen? REALLY? They're history, they've made things nobody had before, were and will always be icons. The loss of Freddy Mercury has been in my opinion one of the biggest in music ever and they are just... pure genius!

The voice, the guitars, the chorals they made... Everything blended together, no matter the kind of song, they way the joined a rythm with another, GENIUS.

I'll admit some of their songs sound like crap to me and will never like them, but in general, everything Queen made was great and you always find something in their songs that entrances and takes you to a world where they tell you their little stories in an optimistic kind of way.

To me Queen had to be delicate yet strong at the same time, satiny yet not shimmery due to the lost memory of Mercury and had to be a beautiful elegant dark burgundy to sum that all together and portray my feelings for this band in just one swipe of color.

Click HERE to listen to one of their genius songs, I always listen to this one when in a bad mood and instantly makes me feel better and gives me the shot of energy I need. Today it made wonders on me.

Seven Nation Army

Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

I fucking love The White Stripes. I can't say it any other way. With just a set of drums and a guitar, they make magic. Noisy garage like entracing kind of magic. And I love it. They can just create a magic intimate momment with songs like Jolene or Hotel Yorba or make it all explode and big with Seven Nation Army or Blue Orchid. 

It's a right here, right now music for me, no perfect voices, dirty sound and this little "them" touch that makes you recognize their music instantly.

When I think big and intrincate like the Seven Nation Army video is, I think of a lot of contrast, brightness and stuff all together at the same time. And this eyeshadow is like that, ultra shimmery while still dark, changing depending on light and what you pair it with and overall gorgeous while not the brightest.

You can watch the Seven Nation Army video HERE.


Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

It seems like all I can say it's genius, but, what do I do if they are? And The Mars Volta are big fucking ones. These short, shabby men make the most psychedelic, stunning and unusual gorgeous music ever.

Some of their tracks sound like experiments, full of meaningful, deep guitars that never lose their elegance, the high pitched gorgeous voice that makes you trip around their angst filled lyrics... 

Their music videos are also worth mentioning, they're gorgeous! Well made, dark, different from each other, meaningfull.. I really recommend you to check them out!

This color had to be kind of psychedelic, beautiful and dark at the same time, but bright as their talent, so I settled for this beautiful purple and it's silvery reflection of colors.

You can watch my favourite video from them HERE.

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Natural light on the left, right swatch with flash.

I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They're crazy, hysterical, raveish, then they shut you up with some beautiful songs like Maps. Karen O, their singer, means crazy endless energy to me.

They're not the deepest band out there, nor is their music the best, but they shine with their energy, great vibes and talent for show. They're pure spectacle!

I also love Karen's sense of fashion, extreme and fun. That's why I chose this color for them, it's bright and addapts itself to any other color. It is also fun and edgy if you look at it the right way.

You can watch a video from them HERE.

And this is where the Rock my Look collection comes from!! What do you think? :)


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

LOVE The Mars Volta and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs :) I could have seen the Libertines last year, apparently Pete (true to form) was well and truly wasted. Glad I didn't waste my time!

Anonymous said...

I like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah one. It is a very nice dark green.



Rach said...

This is really useful thanks keep swatching :D we have almost the same amount of follwers hee :)

Phyrra said...

Libertine and Volta are beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful!

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Beauty's Bad Habit: Thanks! Actually the rest of the band was pretty good, they ended up kicking him out of the band because his condition was umbearable. So yes, you saved that money ;)

@Helvetica: Thank you! Glad you like it :)

@Rach: Glad you find this useful, I try to let you see the products well, these swatches will go into the etsy listings tomorrow.

@Phyrra: You'll see that by yourself pretty soon pretty lady! ;)

Mandy said...

Wow, I love this collection. The colors are beautiful, I'm sure the pictures don't even do them any justice!

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