Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips and tricks! How to use Lost in Makeupland highlighters... on your face

Hi everyone! Since they're quite popular and I get lots of questions on my highlighters, I'd thought it'd be nice to show you how I use them on my face. I also wanted you to see how they look on a certain kind of skin. Mine is warm, really warm, so since I get asked about how warm Glow and Faerie are, I've used each one on a side of my face. Both work great on cool skin tones too, but if you are unsure, I'd say go for Glow, or the newly released English Rose. I'd show you English Rose on my face too, but it's too cool toned for me, that one is perfect for cool toned skin and I guess neutral skin tones could rock it too. If you're as warm as me, it will do a good job on your eyes, but may unset a bit your skin tone if you use it on your face. Then again, every face is a world on its own and the fact that it doesn't suit me doesn't mean it won't suit you.

So, I first do my face makeup, today I mixed a bit of my Clinique Perfectly Real foundation in shade #2 (P) with a drop of moisturizer and applied it to my face using my fingers. My skin is doing horribly lately and it feels like my pores are crazy and going huge and gross so I didn't want to apply a heavy layer of makeup on top. Then I put on my blush, Benefit's Coralista since I like to apply highlihter after my blush and blend it a bit downwards onto it.

 This is the before pic.

People usually uses fluffly brushes to apply highlighter, well, I do it differently. I use a Deliplus flat liquid foundation brush, clean and dry. I don't like these kind of brushes for foundation, and I use this one exclusively for highlighting and applying concealer.

Deliplus liquid foundation brush.

First I picked up a bit of Faerie (ups, my jar is empteeeh) and tapped of any excess. You don't want to use too much product, but to build a soft light on your skin. Then I start patting softly while dragging the brush down a bit and bring it down over my cheekbone with what's left on the brush. if you feel that's not enough, repeat the proccess blending the highlighter a bit with the edges of your blush.

This is how it looks like after it's been blended out on my skin, see the subtle light? it doesn't have to look like you have anything on, just brighten your skin a bit. Faerie brings out the pink tones of my skin naturally, and adds the touch of light I need for my skin to look healthy and nice.

After that I did the same on the other side with Glow. Same process, lovely result. You can't really compare because the Faerie jar was empty, but Glow is golden while Faerie is a peachy pink. So, what does Glow do? What it does is kind of neutralize any skin tone, which means, that if you're warm like me, it will kind of cool your skin a bit making it a bit more neutral and if your cold, it will warm you up slightly while looking right.

Have you seen the lovely touch it gives the skin? It's quite easy, fast, and you only need a tiny amount of product. You can do this with any kind of highlighter, be it powder or liquid, the key is applying the right amount and blend blend bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend until you get a natural effect that looks like the light comes naturally from your skin.

The last step would be to apply a finishing powder on my skin to set everything and mattify. I took a few pictures for comparison before doing that. Here they are.

 Side with Glow, no flash (Excuse my cracked lips).
 Side with Glow, with flash. (on my lips, Morgana Cryptoria's Twinkling Rubies)
Side with Faerie, no flash.

And done! What do you think of these kind of post? Is there anything you want to know about my products in terms of how to use them, color, etc? If it's on my hands, I'll be glad to show you :)

Hope that was helpful! ;)


Phyrra said...

This is helpful!

Skulda said...

I found this helpful too. I always had to imagine what highlighting someone's cheekbones was like and always ended up picturing some drastic 80's style sculpting.
Yay for warmies! :P

sugar sugar said...

this is a eally helpful post. :) thank you for the detailed tutorial!

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Phyrra Thank you! :D Glad you find it helpful ^^

@Skulda Thanks! :) That picture made me laugh LOL!!! I can't imagine myself with that kind of makeup. Glad the MU world has evoluted so much ;) Yay power to the warmies!

@Sugar Sugar Thank you! :) So glad that was helpful! I tried to explain it the best I could, it's quite easy really, the trick is to use just a tiiiiny bit of product and add more if necessary ;)

krista carlson said...

Fantastic....I love the look of the highlighter....

'kay said...

Hi Belén! Just wrote to you via etsy (ketsch)!

I love the fact that you're using a flat liquid foundation brush. I didn't like mine until now :)...

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Krista Thank you! Hope you like Glow when you receive it <3

@'kay You gotta tell how they work on your skin once you receive them :D Now you have a use for it, I quite hated mine until I started using it this way

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