Wednesday, March 2, 2011


EDIT: Contest will run until March 31so you have more time to enter. I also wanted to clarify that you don't have to submit a look to enter the contest, just if you want to enter for the $50 in LiM products. If you don't submit a look you'll still be eligible for the 50% discount :)

I promised something very special to celebrate my first 100 orders, and thank you all for your support. I know it's a bit late, but here it is!

There'll be three lucky winners who will receive the following:

-One winner will receive $50 in Lost in Makeupland products of her/his choice.
-Two winners will receive one 50% discount code each.

Ok, so I've gone crazy! Just take advantage of it ;)

What do you have to do to win? 

First of all, follow my blog, this contest is for followers only.

Then you'll have to comment on this blog entry with the following:

To win a 50% discount code:

1. Follow Lost in Makeupland on Facebook. This will be worth 1 entry.
2. Tell me your favourite Lost in Makeupland product and why do you like it. This will be worth 1 entry.
3. Have you ordered from Lost in Makeupland? Tell me your etsy username! This will be worth 1 entry.
4. Blog about it and leave a link to your post. This will be worth 1 entry.
5. Tweet a link to this post, don't forget to mention me @lostmakeupland on the tweet or I won't have a way to count the entry. This will be worth one extra entry.

Now, onto the BIG prize!!

To win $50 in Lost in Makeupland products:

1. Follow Lost in Makeupland on Facebook. This will be worth 1 entry.
2. Create a look using at least one Lost in Makeupland (include a picture of the product itself too) products and email me the picture or include a link to it on a comment in this post. This will be worth 2 entries.
Create a look using products from another company (which you'll have to state, I love discovering other indie products <3 ) inspired in what you'd wear if you ever visited a place called Makeupland. This will be worth 1 entry.
3. Tell me your favourite Lost in Makeupland product and why do you like it. This will be worth 1 entry.
4. Blog about it and leave a link to your post. This will be worth 1 entry.
5. Tweet a link to this post, don't forget to mention me @lostmakeupland on the tweet or I won't have a way to count the entry. This will be worth one extra entry.

A winner will be chosen at random on March 31th. The more entries you submit, the more options to win you have!
The contest is open internationally. Submitting a look will make you eligible for the big prize, and also eligible for the discount codes with the same number of entries. If you don't submit a look, you'll still be able to opt for the 50% discount.
Only one entry for person. You can add more later (EXAMPLE: You post on twitter and follow Lost in Makeupland on Facebook, then you decide you want to do a look later, it's ok, you can do that later, I won't count entries until the contest closes).
If you are a blogger and end up winning any of the prizes, I'll also do a little giveaway for your followers.

I'll also choose my favourite look from the submitted ones and will send that person a few samples of their choice.

It's everything clear? If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask me, I'll try to clear them as soon as possible :D

So, what do you think? Opinions are more than welcome. Are you as excited as I am? I hope a lot of you enter and that we all have fun. I <3 contests! 

I can't wait to see your entries ;) 


Skulda said...

I haven't purchased yet!!! D:
Boo on me!
Stupid bills keep bothering me. I will soon - I hope! I cannot wait to try the highlighters as I have very few of them.
I also want to give your Rock my Look collection a try, they look amazing.
I followed you on Facebook too, Amanda Horne-Jobse.
I'm not on "the Twitter". :(

Rach said...

Hello :)

Just Rach from The Beauty Spot here.

1. I follow you on Facebook as "Rachael Walker"

2. My favourite product has to be your highlighters, I have never actually used a highlighter before and your blog post and colours really inspired me to start using them

3. My etsy user name is "melonrach"

4. I have posted a blog post about you that also includes an eye look

5. Im off to Twitter to you now :)

Melly said...

1. entry for 50%
follower via GSC


1. entry for 50$
liked on facebook (Melinda Beckman)

Amazing giveaway, and congrats!! :)

Anonymous said...

Following via "Favorites" does not count? I am a follower, but do not have a profile on wordpress or anything, so please clarify...


Lost in Makeupland said...

@Skulda Thanks! :)

@Rach Thanks sweetie! BTW I love the look you did for the entry <3333

@Melly Actually, your entries only qualify for the 50% discounts. Only entries with makeup looks cualify for the $50 prize, sorry!

@Helvetica That is a problem. I need to be able to track the following. Anyone could come right ahead and do multiple entries, or fake their someone else etc. Do you have a gmail account? That way you can comment as a google user and I can track it :)

Candace McCarty said...

I followed on Facebook. I haven't made a purchase yet so I can't enter, but I plan to take a look and make some purchases. :)

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Candace You can enter without having bought from LiM. You can do the look with another company's products, just stating the company it is (love promoting other indies <3) and it has to be the look you'd wear in a place called Makeupland.

eRiN said...

1. I follow Lost in Makeupland on Facebook as Erin MacMahon!
2. My fave (so far) is English Rose because it almost disappears on my skin, but makes it look 100x better.
3. I ordered as eri059 on Etsy
5. I tweeted the giveaway:

Now must try to come up with a totally awesome look for the other part of the contest!!

ndrcvrngl said...

Entries for both, I guess? lol my gradient purple look! (sorry for the horrid cell quality, my camera seems to have walked off)
I follow via GFC (Shelby G)
I LOVE Seven Nation Army. Perfect as a liner or for an awesome rocker smoky look!
tweeted and tagged ya:!/ndrcvrngl/status/45287788765130753
I've ordered on Etsy! ndrcvrngl is the name =)
blogged it:
oh, and I also "like" Lost In Makeupland on facebook (Shelby Goatz)

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

MrsKittyKaBoom said...

I follow LIML via GFC-Mrskittykaboom
Follow LIML via facebook- J.DeWolf
Tweeted about the giveaway-!/MrsKittyKaBoom/status/45346847778275329

I don't have a favorite product because I've never purchased from LIML before, however I have my eye on your shadows in: Purrrple & Volta.& would love to try a highlight shade in Faerie.

I have emailed you a makeup look! :D Thanks so much! Good luck everyone!

Raven Rose said...

I follow you on Facebook.

Favourite product right now is Bioshock eyeshadow.

A makeup look: (and also blogged about the competition here)

I'm also a previous customer on etsy, username RoseRed77

Meg said...

1. Following Lost in Makeupland on Facebook.
3. My favorite product(s)as a newcomer are "Bioshock, Psychedelic, Mushroom, Dream On and English Rose."
4. I don't have a blog, however I did share via Facebook as Megan Burgess or "Wildcatmeg".
5. Tweet a link to this post, don't forget to mention me @lostmakeupland on the tweet or I won't have a way to count the entry. This will be worth one extra entry.

Thank You! :)

Law Frog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Law Frog said...

I'm really loving your makeup and this is such an exciting contest!

1. I'm following you on facebook at Kaitlin Naylor

2. Create a look using at least one Lost in Makeupland - at my blog

3. Haha I'm obsessed with the Bioshock eyeshadow. It's such a beautiful shade of green and makes my inner nerd happy.


5. And tweeted by thelawfrog

almost forgot! my etsy name is cmiko

Naturalla Beauty said...

I'm following on facebook :)
I haven't purchased anything yet, but I have been eyeing your highlighters (glow and english rose) - they look so pretty!

Sakuradesu said...

I follow LIM in facebook (sakura saku)
I bought from LIM in etsy(sakuradesu)
I love many prodcuts, my faves are highlighters! they're awesome! also finishing powders!
I've twitted about this contest

I have pictures of looks, but I didn't take pics of the products:(

Jade Carver said...

I follow here, on facebook, and I tweeted!

I really want to do a look but unfortunately, I am time-poor and my photography skills are not great :(

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

I follow you on Twitter (@sparklecrackHQ), through GFC using Twitter (sparklecrackHQ - again), and on Facebook (Sparklecrack Central).

I've tweeted about your giveaway ( but I forgot to post about this in last week's news roundup. (Which proves that I really need to get a better system for collating those...)

I've ordered, and just received my package last week! Etsy username is thelaughingmuse

I'll email you the look - it's a mixture of LiM products and other stuff, because I've only ordered a sample pack thus far :D

I think my favorite products thus far are Volta, because it's a gorgeous purple liner shadow; and Lazy Sunday, because it's a gorgeous deep butter yellow that really looks great on my lids!

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

Separate comment - I know, bad - but here's my LiM products look. I did manage to do another one that's all LiM shadows and highlighters!

EsperMakeup said...

1) I follow you on Facebook (Rachel Rebekah Hall)
2) I love the highligher Faerie the most because it gives such a beautiful brightness to the cheeks!!!
3) I have ordered from Lost in Makeupland. My username is EsperKnitting.
4)I tweeted about this contest (I'm @EsperMakeup)
5)I did a look for using several Lost in Makeupland products in this blog post:

Thank you for the contest!! ^.^

krista carlson said...

Follow you on facebook as Krista Kaczorowski Carlson
I love the Glow Highlighter it doesn't make you look greasy or shiny
My etsy name is jj9103
I follow your blog

Krylyn said...

1) Following you via Google Friend Connect (Krylyn)

2) I am smitten with Glow! And how could I forget Dream On!? There both so pretty and super easy to work with! The duochrome of Dream On is amazing!

3) I've purchased a few things from you (user name Krylyn)

4) I tweeted about this giveaway (!/krylynblog)

*crosses fingers*

Saila said...

1) Following on Facebook (Saila H****) and here through the Google thingy

2) Goomer and Fairy are my favourite products.

3) I've shopped some samples :) (purplekoalaSaila)

5) I've tweeted a link! (@purplesaila)

Tempest in a Teapot said...

1. I hate using FB, but I make an exception for LiM! (Ursulla Idleman)

2. I have a tie for favorite product. Expensive is the best antique gold I've ever seen; it goes on so smoothly, blends easily, and is just so more complex than most gold shadows. Goomer is also awesome because I had spent WEEKS searching for that particular shade of pink, then my LiM package came & all was right with the world!

3. Etsy username: musemiu. Ordered in January.

4. Can't blog about it cus I'm a procrastinator who's still having hosting issues T_T. Curses!


I wish I had time to do a look, but I also held off entering Grey's So Sakura contest & with work in a few hours, I only have time to do one. Like I said, I'm a procrastinator. (Unless I use LiM in my Sakura look...brb.)

mirjana said...

Hi there :)
1. I follow you on FB and here on blog
2. I created a look, sending you an email :)

sabrys said...

I just send you an email with my look :)
my email is:
I follow you on FB as Sabrina Sasso
I already ordered on etsy as sabrys
My favourite product is Dream on eyeshadow,it's incredible,a unique color!

Tempest in a Teapot said...

It's past midnight in my time zone, but I tweeted you some EotD photos that turned out kinda cool. Feel free to disregard them if they're too late.

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