Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly (and quite late) Post

Fist of all I want to apologize for the lack of blog updates. I've been busy, very busy, then sick and I've been neglecting the blog a lot.
There is a loooot going on at Makeupland, and I'm so excited to share the news with you! A few secrets will be kept for the momment too, but stay tuned and you'll know very soon :D

New equipment

I bought a new grinder last week, this one is much bigger than my previous one and more potent, so I can make bigger batches in less time with a bigger quality than with the old one. I LOVE it!! It's saved me a lot of time and has helped me get do all the delayed work quickly.

#100 and counting

Last week, Lost in Makeupland reached 100 orders!! I'm really happy and grateful for all the people who's helping this baby grow each day. I'm glad you trust my little company and like my products. 

As a way to say thanks, I want to celebrate with a BIG contest. The prize? There'll be three lucky winners.

One will receive $50 in Lost in Makeupland products of her/his choice, and there'll be two winners of a 50% discount code each.

What do you have to do to win? 

Just read a post with all the instructions which will be up tomorrow. The contest will last until March 10. 

Pressed stuff and releases!

I can finally announce when I'm going to release pressed highlighters, blushes and eyeshadows. It'll be by March 1st if everything goes well. 

I'm going to offer them in different formats, palettes and refills.

You have two options when you buy a palette. You can either request one with two 2,6cm pans and two 1,5cm pans at $22 or you can get it with two big pans at $20. Palettes will be magnetized so you can remove the pans anythime and put it inside another palette of your choice. They'll be made in your choice of colors so you'll have to leave a note with it at checkout.

 Palettes will look like this.

Refills will be $8,50 the 2,6cm pans and $1,75 the small ones.

Except for highlighters and blushes, I'll press eyeshadows by request, so you'll have to keep in mind that it's a process that takes quite a lot of time and you'll have to allow me 2 more days to make them than with normal loose powders. I'm going to try to make it quite fast though and have some stock ready before I launch them.

On that same day, I will be releasing six new blush shades which have been ready for the longest time. I'm showing you some swatches so you get the idea of how they look. These swatches aren't the best, they look much better in real life, but I wanted to show them to you before they were released. They were tested long ago and I've been wearing them quite often, but I wanted to be secretive about them.

They'll be available both in loose and pressed form.

On to the swatches and descriptions! :)
Say it isn't so

Bright cool pink with a blue shift.

Light pearly pink with a reddish light to it.


Light sheer peach with almost unnoticeable gold and copper iridescence.


Beautiful reddish peach with a slight orange duochrome.

But I like it

 Gorgeous mauve with copper duochrome.

Golden Touch

Flattering rosy peach with a golden duochrome touch.

I'm also working on an ultra secret collection I'm UBER excited about and it's going to be EPIC, but I can't give you more details. Haven't forgotten about the Alice's Chains collection either, and hope to be able to release it during March. And, there are a couple of super seeeeeecret collaborations with 2 ladies we all love which you'll know about very soon :D

I love shopping indie!

Lately I've received some more gorrrrgeous indie stuff. The lovely Sakura sent me samples of Sugarpill loose eyeshadows, which I'm absolutely in love with and I also received a Fyrinnae order which I bought together with her. I got samples of Damn Paladins, Feline Familiars and Pyromantic Erotica. I'll try to take pics and swatch everything I've gotten lately for you, but for now, I'll leave you with a picture of my today's LOTD using Fyrinnae's Feline Familiars and Lost in Makeupland's Glow.

Are you excited about the incoming releases? What do you think of the blushes? And about the contest? I've gone craaaaaaaaaazyyy!!


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OH MY I am in LOVE with the Say it isn't so blush!

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I like Golden Touch!!

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I LOVE Say it isn't So

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