Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Lost in Makeupland post

No way, I can't seem to do this post when I mean to, so I guess I'll keep on trying to post this on Sundays and just be happy if I get it done before Tuesday.

This week's post won't be too long, I promise!

Delayed Packages from December

They keep arriving! At least two more packages shipped back then have arrived to the buyers :).

Next week, as promised, I will contact all the buyers whom I don't know if they have received their packages to check if they have received them, in case they didn't, we'll talk a solution.

Craziness grooowing

I'm very happy yet a bit overwhelmed by how my sales have increased lately. I know it's nothing compared with other companies, but it's far more than I expected and I'm adjusting to it. These days I've exceeded my turnaround time, which I'm not happy about, but that should be solved tomorrow morning since I've been working nonstop lately.
This week I'm going to buy another, bigger grinder to make my products (I managed to break my lovely little one T_T ) in order to:
1. Make bigger batches. I don't want to make very big batches because I find it's harder to do quality control the bigger it is, BUT, the ones I make are too small now and I find myself "wasting" a lot of time making a small batch after another. Better grinder means I can make more quantity and faster, whily still having time to do quality control, I find it's more productive.
2. Be very ahead of work. When I opened my shop at the end of October, I usually made the eyeshadows after the order was placed. I stopped doing that at December, when the shop started to start walking, step by step. I want to be ready for rushes and just about ANYTHING that may happen. I want to be able to ship your orders as soon as possible.

With that accomplished, I'd have the time to work on all the new stuff I've been developing and planning. I've been working in blushes, more eyeshadows and planned out a couple of collections that can't be released at the momment due to lack of time and preparation for their release.

I love shopping indie!

Yay!!! Yesterday I received my The Morbid The Merrier Valentine perfume order, my last Haus of Gloi order and a package from the lovely Sakura full of Sugarpill samples and stickers and goodies <3 I'll try to take pictures of everything (plus last week's stuff) to show you. I'm very impressed and happy with everything, even though I'm upset that in both my TMTM and HoG orders, various perfumes leaked and it kind of ruined the lovely labels.

I swear I couldn't SQUEEEE louder when I opened (that is, ripped open the envelope like crazy) my The Morbid The Merrier order. This is what I saw. Aren't you squeeing too? The care put on the packaging, image and feel of the brand is impressive. I LOVE it.

I'd love to read some new blogs, learn about interesting youtube videos, books, online comics, whatever to entertain myself when I disconnect from work. I'm kinda bored at what I've been watching on YT lately, I'm almost out of tv shows I like and only my fave blogs interest me nowadays. I need some new stuff and I'm sure you have great suggestions!!


Skulda said...

Thats really awesome that you are getting more orders for your site. I read Fyrinnae's blog and she gets bulldozed by orders so often she has to close shop every so often to catch up! I don't know how you guys do it. I sometimes think about goofing around and making some of my own shadows but I don't think I could EVER deal with worrying about people's orders getting to them. Plus I have cats and I don't know if that might set some people's allergies off.

Speaking of orders... I get paid next week. I will get some highlighters from you then.

Phyrra said...

Yay for Haus of Gloi! I'm still looking for that package ;) I think getting a better grinder sounds good.

I don't know what all you watch, but I love Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Big Love, True Blood, etc.

Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

I'm so glad things are picking up for you (:

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