Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm alive, I swear! An update on Makeupland

I must be the biggest slacker ever, because it's been two months since I last updated my blog. Bad, bad Belén! I've started to write blog posts lots of times, but they didn't seem to fit in when they were finished so they got deleted and forgotten. I have lots of things to tell, but will try to keep everything as short and sweet as possible.

I haven't been very active on Twitter either, because I didn't want too many distractions.

I've been extremely busy with my personal life lately, I've taken important decisions about my education (I've signed to do a course to do an exam and access a superior education), it's also been taxes time, the local festival and my birthday which also happened in the middle of an order rush (because that's how life is!). I'm also searching for a job very actively which is also consuming a lot of my time. Sadly, unemployment salaries don't last forever :(

Besides that, I've also been working a lot on my company. The upcoming collection and new products should have been released by June 27th, but I've decided to hold everything back until I receive some supplies (sample labels and some micas I need for some of my most popular products). I think that's the wisest thing to do. Product pictures will be up next week though with color descriptions and a nice presentation of the upcoming releases and as soon as I'm ready they'll be released.

It'd be much easier to release everything when I meant to and try to sort it out, but I honestly try to do things the right way and I want this release to be as amazing as I know it can be. It's so hard to keep everything so secret!

One of the big releases will be the Finishing Powder for Oily Skin. The lovely Stephanie from The Raven And The Rose offered to test it and the results couldn't be better! She followed through the whole process on her blog and you can read her conclusions and review on this post. It makes me super happy to see that she keeps on using it daily on her LOTDs :) By the way, take a look at her blog for lots of indie swatches and her lovely looks and also her writing blog, which I find super interesting.
The amazing Phyrra featured me on her June's Independent Spotlight. It was super fun answering her questions.

You know her blog is one of my favorites so I'm super happy she offered to feature me. If you want to know me a little better and hear some fun facts about my life and company, don't hesitate to read it :)
I've announced it on Twitter before, but it's going to be a reality. From now on, I'll start a little reward program on my ArtFire shop. What does this mean? It means that when you buy from my shop, you'll accumulate points you'll be able to change for products. I need to write a more exhaustive post on that so everything is clear, but just so you have an idea, if you spend $10 dollars on my shop (shipping not included), you'll get 1 point, if you spend +$20 you'll get two. They'll be converted into dollars later, which means that when you have 6 points you can chose a free full size eyeshadow or a sample pack in your next order for example.

I have to give it a try and figure out the best way to make it work, but I think for the moment it's a nice addition to my service and hope you appreciate it as much as I appreciate your support. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE!

Starting in August, every month will be dedicated to one product. It will be any of my products, ranging from eyeshadows to highlighters without forgetting about blushes. I'll pick a shade every month and will post weekly about it. I'll post pics, the story behind the shade, EOTD's and will give away a full size of that product to one of you. In addition, that shade will be 20% off during the whole month.

That's it for today, I'll leave you with a (bad quality) picture from last weekend, I went camping on the beach to somehow celebrate my birthday (which was last Wednesday) and had this nice fire (which doubled as a BBQ when we added these big wooden pieces) I couldn't help but photograph with my iPhone. Looking at fire is so relaxing...

How have you been? I really missed you all!