Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly post, what's new?

This week has started strong here at Lost in Makeupland. There are a lot of things going on, some of them you'll know about really soon, others will be kept a secret for some time.

What I can tell you is that I finally released one of my secret colaboration projects, that is a lovely highlighter I made for the amazing Ana. It's called English Rose and it's perfect for pale, cool toned skin. You can also use it if you're warmer, I specially like it on the inner corners of my eyes.

 Can you see the difference between English Rose and Faerie? They're quite similar but English Rose is a cool pink tone and Faerie is a peachy pink.

Speaking of Ana, she's posted an update on my company on her blog and you can check her swatches, highlighter comparison and opinion on them, I'm truly glad she's happy with everything ^_____^

In other news, you know I have a different offer every week, this week I'm keeping last week's offer since it hasn't been around for the whole week and it's quite a nice deal. You get five free samples of your choice if your order is over $20 and if it's over $30 you also get a 30% discount on your next order. Shipping cost not included in the offer.

This week I'm also going to release my finishing powders for Normal to Dry skin and Normal to Combination skin, stay tuned because they'll be out today or tomorrow! ;) These will go in 10gr jars at $8 and sample baggies at $2. I plan on selling bigger jars in the future if they sell well. They work great as finishing powders and I've also tried them as primer before my liquid foundation, with lovely results. I'm so excited about them!!

I'm working in a lot of stuff at the momment!

I can announce that I'll be offering pressed powder highlighters and blushes soon, as palette refills and will also sell small palette duos to those of you who want them. You will also be able to request me to press any of my eyeshadows for you. I'll write an indeep post on this before I start selling them.

I think that's it for the weekly post, yet I have the feeling I'm missing something!!


Laura said...

Wow loving the highlighter! I have pale cool toned skin so I think it'd be perfect for me and I'll probably pick a jar of the highlighter up when I come back from my holiday :)

Do these come with a sifter or not?


Anonymous said...

I've also tried the finishing powder I'm testing as primer and it works well too! awesome product!!

Anonymous said...

Hm, so which highlighter is warmer, Glow or Faerie? I thought Glow was "warmer" and Faerie was more suitable for cool skin tones. I bought Glow a couple of weeks ago for that reason. I am more on the warmer side and must say I am quite happy with Glow - I have been using to highlight my cheeks everyday and like how it brightens my skin. I also have a sample of faerie, so will have to give it a try...

Amber said...

Your highlighters look gorgeous! Going to be trying them out soon.

Skulda said...

Warm skinned person here! What would you recommend?
As for Faerie, will you be selling different sized jars soon? I only saw 5gram mini sized available.


Lost in Makeupland said...

@Laura Glad you like them, thank you! :)They do come with a sifter, I find highlighters work better that way, but that's a personal choice. Customers can request me to fill their jar without a sifter too. Have a nice holiday in India!

@Sakura Thanks for helping me with testing! :D You've been a great help, glad it also works on you as a primer! ^_____^

@Anonymous Faerie is the warmest. It's a pink with a peachy tone to it while Glow is a gold with a cool pinkish touch. Glow is quite neutral and suits any skin tone. Faerie does work well in every skin tone too, but will warm cooler ones up a bit. I use one or the other depending on my makeup, to suit the toning of it.

@Skulda Both Faerie and Glow work wonderfully on warm toned skin. The difference is that Faerie is pinker and it's glow will be pinkish while Glow will give you a light golden glow when it melts on your skin. Both look natural and nice on me. I use them depending on my makeup of the day.

I sell 10gr jars of all the highlighters, just forgot to renew the listing last time I sold one hehehe. I've already fixed that.

Skulda said...


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