Saturday, January 15, 2011

International shipping Chrsitmas delays

This has been my first Christmas as an Etsy seller so this has caught me quite by surprise.

During the whole December month and all of this current month, I've been (still am) quite upset because of the EXTREME delay in orders shipped from Dec 11 to 27. I hope they start showing up eventually because I don't want anyone to think I never shipped their packages. The problem has been only with US customers, nothing went wrong when shipping to any other country.

I knew two packages I shipped on Dec 11 were held on by Spanish customs until Dec 30, because it was shipped as Urgent (wait, I'll laught) International mail and it was registered. I know nothing about the rest of the packages shipped during these dates.

A couple of days ago I found this useful information on Etsy about these delays and realized I'm not the only seller in this delicate situation. Apparently it's happened only with people shipping stuff to the US, not shipping from there.

So please, if you're expecting a package from me that was shipped during December, PLEASE be patient. I'm really sorry that postal services are taking so long and that you've been so unlucky that you have to wait.

Shipping usually takes around a week to arrive to the US and this has been a special and unfortunate one time thing. I will take action if any package is lost and never ends up showing, don't worry about that, but please allow your packages some more time to arrive, I'll just ask that of you.

I've learned though, and next year, Christmas gifts will be shipped on November only and if I ship anything during December it will go by registered mail so it can be tracked at least. I don't like it because that will mean increasing shipping costs for buyers, but it's the only way to be able to stay calm and know what's going on.

Thank you all for your patience!!

Have you had shipping problems during Christmas? I'd love to hear your experiences!


thatgurlwho said...

Just to let you know there might be a delay to the UK also.

I know you shipped my order out sometime after the 27th December and I've not received it yet. I've got my fingers crossed it turns up soon though!

Lost in Makeupland said...

Could you please tell me your Etsy username so I can check when I shipped it? I was sick and didn't ship anything after Dec 27 until Jan 8 or so, so your package may have been sent later. There's quite a big apology on these packages.

thatgurlwho said...

Sure, my etsy username is lawrawr my order number if that helps is #27385212

Lost in Makeupland said...

I just checked and it was shipped on Jan 8. I'm really sorry about that. For some reason I couldn't ship that one on Dec 27 and post office was closed when I went on Dec 31. Then I fell sick so I didn't ship it until then. I included a 50% discount on your invoice as an apology. If you're unhappy or upset by this please let me know by email and I will try my best to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Last Xmas I got some dyes from the UK and usually it takes about 1 week to arrive, well it shipped mid december and it took 3 weeks!

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