Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My daily hair routine

I like my hair.
That said, I do take care of it in an almost obsessive way and thanks to that it does look healthy and shini even after years of bleaching and dyeing.

During this year, it's been red after a couple of years of going through all the shades of red, pink and purplish fuchsias you can imagine (that also includes orange when I forget to uy more dye T_T). I'm currently wearing a mix of Special Effects Blood Red and Devilish, that gives me my favourite shade of red and I find it's the most flattering to my skin tone.

My hair is not oily, but I go to the gym everyday and the city I live in is very contaminated, so I have to wash my hair every two days.

I'm currently using Kerastase products because this summer it really god damaged with the sun, beach, styling products, etc and in the short period I've used them (and after getting a good haircut) it's gotten much better. I first shampoo my hair with Kerastase Bain de Force and rinse inmediately. After doing that, I take the excess water off my hair and apply a tiny amount of the Maske Age Recharge mask and let it work for a few minutes Then I rinse and wrap a towell around my head.

Once per week, I do what I call "the treatment", which consist on applying the mask, then I put my hair on a ponytail and blow dry it. Then I leave it like that for a couple of hours and rinse it very carefully. I also do this everytime I dye my hair, after I apply the dye, I blowdry it and leave it working for a few hours.

While my hair is still damp, I always use the Kerastase Ciment Thermique serum, which is activated by heat so it protects my hair from my styling tools and a Deliplus serum for the ends. I always start to blowdry it but stop when my ends are stil slightly damp and let it airdry. At summer I don't usually blowdry.

When it's completely dry, I straighten my hair with the GHD IV styler, which takes me just a few minutes because my hair itself is straight, though there really it's a lot of hair.

I don't use any other tools between washes, combing my hair with a brush mantains it perfect until the next wash.

Asides from that, I bleach my roots every month then apply red dye. I really don't need a lot of touch up, just a bit more of dye every two weeks or so.

How do you treat your hair daily? Have you found a magic combination for it?


Sakuradesu said...

I usually wash it once or twice a week. I use Special Effects blue velvet mixed with blue mayhem or only blue velvet, though I've also used fishbowl and blue haired freak. Last year I was using deep purple and pimpim purple, but they fade to fucshia so I changed to the blues (they fade to purple XD )
I re dye every month and bleach every 4-6 months. Since I use dark colours there's no need to bleach roots so often. I always use some good shampoo and some mascara. I have short hair so I cut it very often and it's easier to maintein :)
I've been told Jerome's punky colour is even better than special effects but I haven't tried them yet.

Belén said...

I wish I could wash it so sparely but no way :(

I really want to try out Jerome Russell, maybe in a couple of months I do buy a couple of reds from them. After seeing the gorgeous results from that brand on the lovely Phyrra's hair, I know I won't be disappointed by these.

What I do not recommend you is Manic Panic. Sure they have some lovely colors, but last time I bought these I had to redye EVERY week, which is not nice at all.

Sakuradesu said...

Thanks for the advice :) Yes, looks very pretty on Phyrra's hair. And it looks the same for ages!! I really want to try it, but I haven't found where to buy it in the EU. If possible I don't want to get it in the US cause of customs.

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