Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holy Grail items I can't live without

Today I want to tell you about a few things I can't live without. Those are my HG in makeup, bath and hair products. Some have been discovered recently but most of them have been a favourite of me for a long time.

Let's start!!

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I strongly believe everybody who is into make up, no matter if it is mainstream or indie, should use some sort of eye primer. It makes the color of the eyeshadows pop, improves adhesion, makes them last, helps prevent them from creasing... etc.

I've tried a few, and this is by far my favourite. I can't live without it!! I've been using it over a year and my tube still has a lot of product inside (you need the tiniest bit!!), even using it for swatching the eyeshadows I sell both when I'm going to photograph them and when I'm testing them both on my arms and eyes.

2. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

My life changed when I started using cream eyeliner!! You get a lot of precision, it's easier to use than liquid ones for me and works as a gorgeous black base to add up whatever you want! I'm not a fan of MAC, but I live and swear by this product.

3. Too Faced Lash Injection mascara

I discovered this over a year ago, and the momment I tried it it beat my (until that day) HG mascara combo. It gives my lashes lenght, makes them thicker and also does a great work on "multiplying" them. It's also very black, doesn't have any fallout on me and has never clumped or made my lashes look bad.

4. NYX lipstick in B52

This is my everyday choice of lipstick. It works wonderfully with my skin tone at summer when I'm tanner and with a pinkish or creamy gloss on top the rest of the year when I'm quite pale. I love it's formula, really creamy and easy to use, and the fact you can use it in any kind of look.

5. Lost in Makeupland highlighter in Faerie

Ok, so you can't know about this product because it isn't available yet, but I've been testing and using this over a month and has quickly become a HG for me. It's the perfect highlighter for my skin tone, it doesn't add a lot of shimmer, just lightens up a bit my skin. I use it on a everyday basis on my face and am in love with the results. I've also used it on a photoshoot on 4 different models, each one with a different skin tone, and it looked gorgeous. I wouldn't use as a finishing powder all over the face, just on those places which need a bit of extra life, but if you like that effect it works well.

6. Deliplus Kohl blending brush

They sell it as a blending brush for kohl and pencils, but I've been using for over 2 years as an eyeliner brush. This is my favourite brush ever, cheap (€3.70), does its job perfectly and has lasted me this much using it on a daily basis, so it's definitely a HG.

7. Benefit blush in Coralista

This shade looks great on me the whole year. It gives me a nice flushed look, similar to how my skin looks after going to the beach, not sunburnt, just warmed up a bit. It's got a great formula and really nice pigmentation that you can build up.

8. Kerastase Ciment Thermique serum

This is GREAT!! I've had a tube of this for over two years and it still has product inside for some more time. Ths serum is heat activated, it also helps protecting your hair when you blowdry or straighten it, leaving it looking better and helping it recover from all the shit hair goes through everyday. It's expensive, as everything from this brand, but it lasts so long (you only have to use the TINIEST bit everytime.

I'm using two more Kerastase products on my everyday hair care, I've been using them for a month with great results, but it's too son to claim them as HG yet.

10. Haus of Gloi sugar scrub in Vice

I love Haus of Gloi!! That said, I bought a lot of samples from them a long time ago, and was absolutely enchanted by the sugar scrubs, my favourite being Vice. It smells delicious, feels great on my skin, and the scent lingers on my body the whole day. I always used it after my shower, and just before going out applied a bit of vanilla perfume. Usually people where amazed by how I smelled, and I literally wanted to eat myself LOL. I ran out of it a few months ago, and during that time I've been using the rest of scrub samples I got from them. I like them all, but Vice is my absolute fave.

11. Deliplus Monogotas Vainilla shower gel

I bought this shower gel last month, and it has become a favourite of me, even more than Sephora's Vanilla Brulee shower gel. The reason is very simple, you get 500ml of this gel for €1,80 (a bit over $2), it feels really good on the skin, smells AMAZING, a bit on the vanilla ice cream side, it's really sweet, and it lingers on the skin for a few hours.

12. Sephora perfumes

I use those on a daily basis. I alternate between Vanilla Brulee and Pomegranate Lychee. I love both and can't live without them!! They smell gorgeous and linger on my skin for a long time. They aren't cheap, but they last me nearly two months each tube so I'm happy with that.

13. Garnier Body Tonic

This is a firming lotion for your body. I've been using it on an off in the last 3 years and love it. I like to apply it everyday after going to the gym, just after I step out of the shower. It does make my skin softer, and definitely has helped me with cellulite, BUT, it won't make it disappear, the best thing you can do to firm your skin and make your body look good is excercise, so don't expect a lotion to do the work for you! It will only make your skin look better and have a better feel to it, but only if you eat properly and excercise yourself.

14. Garnier Pure 3 in 1 cleanser

I've got normal to combination skin, I usually don't get too oily, just 'these' days, the rest of time my skin does behave quite well if I use the right products. This exfoliator is the perfect cleanser for my skin. It is a bit harsh so I used it only once per day, but that way I get matte skin, clean pores and no break outs. I've been using it for a couple of years with great results. Sadly I haven't been able to find it anywhere lately even though the website says it's still in their skin care line, so for the last two months I had to switch to their Pure deep exfoliating gel with ok results but not perfect. It irritates my skin slightly and I get a bit oily through the day, I get ocassional breakouts too. Now I've run out of it, so I'll try to find my HG again to make my skin go back to normal.

15. GHD styler

I don't have much to say about it, just that it's the best thing I've ever bought and can't live without it. My hair is straight but it's got a LOT of volume, so this straightener helps me keep it the way it has to, in a few minutes (it takes me 5 minutes to do my whole head). It's absolutely worth its cost.

Wow that was long!! Those are my HG products, I've left a few out but these are the most important ones.

Which products do you feel you can't live without?


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