Friday, February 17, 2012

It's been forever in Makeupland...

There's no other way to say it, I've been TERRIBLE at blogging. So many things have happened in my life and with Lost in Makeupland that it'd take forever to write them and you'd get bored almost instantly.

Many of you know I've been through really tough times but here I am fighting and strong and trying to make things right and to do new stuff that's exciting for me (and hopefully for you too) :)

I have a lot of posts scheduled and hope I can slowly and finally can go back to blogging and have a real interaction with you people in here.

To start I'm going to do a little wrap-up so you know the most important stuff that happened while I neglected the blog.
The much anticipated Rock My Look v2.0 was FINALLY released on January 31th. Containing twelve eyeshadows and a bonus track, this collection is larger than its first part and I've tried to make it easy to match most of the colors to the previous RML. While I had material and formulated stuff to make it bigger, I've saved the rest of products for the future.

Something new in this collection is that I've been playing with neutrals with a twist and I've also formulated some sheerer colors, which is something I'm loving, formulating different textures and trying to achieve different finishes. I always formulate everything from scratch, and you really learn a lot whenever you try something different than your usual.

I owe you another post with all the swatches and where the inspiration for them comes from (and another one for the Nostalgia collection too!) and some looks.

This brings up another topic.
Better now?

As you may have noticed (or if you have read my twitter lately) I'm changing my swatching method because some people don't use primers or don't use their eyeshadows foiled and I'm aware that may make them feel disappointed when they receive them and they don't look like my swatches. To give the most accurate possible info I've decided to change the way I do my swatches. I'll swatch everything dry without primer, over a primer (TFSI unless stated otherwise) and foiled (over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy unless stated otherwise), like in this picture so you can see the different results you'll achieve depending on the way you apply them.
I'm working on bringing that back and making it a permanent and monthly thing on the blog and the shop. I know I still have to draw a winner from Volta's month and I will asap and write a post about it and contact the winner so they get their prize. After that, I'll get everything ready to start in March with the next.
I've been hinting that I have another project I'm working on lately, and didn't really give out more info about it other that I've been posting some little pieces of jewelry at my LiM shop.

They're a little preview of what will come whenever I'm ready for it, I have to be honest and I don't know when I'll be able to do all the branding and packaging for this new project and I want a REALLY extensive stock before opening its separate shop, so far I have 20 designs ready but only 6 on the shop. This project doesn't have a final name yet either.

What do you think of the pieces I've released so far?
Would you like to contribute to this blog with looks? I'll be happy to post them if you use at least two Lost In Makeupland products in your look. I'll need good quality pictures and a little info about you and a list of the products used sent to I'll be glad to feature you!
Do you have a blog and posted reviews, swatches or looks using LiM? Send me your links please! I want to put everything together so people can access reviews and all easily. I'm not censoring anyone so even if your review is less than stellar I want to know about it, I'll post it too and will also try to work together with you to see if I can help your experience with LiM be better.

You can send them via or post them here in the comments section.

I really miss you girls, do you also find it hard to blog when life is crazy?


Jade Carver said...

All you have to do is look at my blog to see that's the second thing to suffer when I get busy! The first thing is housework... :P

Chrissy Roze said...

Hey doll.. I hope things are working out for you.. keep ur head up.. and if you ever need to vent I am here for ya .. I know Im not on twitter alot.. lol .. I need to get on that.. Congrats on ur collection release.. it looks awesome!! I was actually thinking about who won Volta a few weeks ago.. haha.. ur jewlery looks great!! cant wait to see more post <3<3

Sakuradesu said...

Glad to see you back Belen!! got to check your shop!!!! xxx

Lost in Makeupland said...

I <3 you girls, thanks for sticking with me! <3<3<3

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