Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Releases, FINALLY!!

After months and months of keeping you waiting for this collection, showing out some swatches from time to time and postponing the date time after time, I've released A BUNCH of new products.

The much awaited Nostalgia: When I Was Young collection, four new Whipped highlighters, three finishing veils and the finishing powder for oily skin are finally available in my Etsy shop!

Let's break them down a bit!

This collection was troublesome for me even to chose its name! I doubted between two until the last minute almost, and some of you may have received free samples with the name Nostalgia: Once Upon a Time. I settled for When I Was Young, but there'll be a Once Upon a Time collection too ;)

On to the shades!! Click on them to fully appreciate the colors <3

Deep smokey brown with a gold shift.  
 Highlighter, light creamy gold with subtle red shimmer.
 Light aquamarine blue with violet duochrome and glitter.
 Beautiful cold toned pastel pink with blue shimmer.
 Bright teal with golden shimmer.
 Amazing yellowed grass green with red glitter. Designed by Ana of Lipsticks and Lightsabers.
 Light, semi matte grey.
Low shimmer highlighter, cool toned cream. 
Reddish eggplant with blue iridescence and glitter.
   Dark purplish blue with pink iridescence and gold glitter.
Deep red with green duochrome and glitter.
Bright yellow with red iridescence and red glitter.
I love Whipped and use it quite often, but sometimes I felt like I needed an extra "something" on it but keeping the same formula and texture it had. And so the Whipped Reflects were born!

This is the original Whipped. 

It's taken forever hasn't it? My finishing powders have always had a good acceptation and the testing done by Stephanie and later by Jade (lovely girls with great blogs!) went so well that I've had a hard time not selling it.
Until I can get a hold of a shipment of 10 gram jars (if you follow me on Twitter you've probably seen me complain about a completely crazy ripoff shipping cost that's keeping me from buying them) it'll only be available in sample size at $2. I hope this gets solved asasp, I'm currently waiting on TKB's answer to my email regarding this issue and getting angrier by the day.
Do you love Lost in Makeupland's finishing powders but want to add a little touch of light to your skin? The Finishing Veils are just perfect for it!

They're available in three different shades: English Rose, Faerie and Glow, and same as the regular finishing powders, they're also available for normal to dry, normal to combination and oily skin.

They won't make you shimmery or look oily, they just have the barest hint of light for them to look natural and make your complexion glow.

And that's all for the September releases... Next time will be for Halloween, but there won't be a Halloween themed collection, though I can I can assure you it'll be AMAZING. I'll post swatches in the following weeks because you know I'm a tease!

What do you think of the new products? Which ones appeal to you the most? Which are your musts? Your less favorite ones? You know I love knowing what you think!



Jade Carver said...

I need four million jars of the Finishing Powder for Oily skin <3

I'm really interested to try the new Veils, they sound delightful!

As to the eyeshadows... I can't pick a favourite, they're all so pretty! I'll probably be getting Rogue first, since I own an obscene amount of purples, blues and browns already D:

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