Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Indie! Owl obsession

I've had some weird obsession with owls lately, I just keep thinking of them and looking for items with owls in them.

So this week's Indie love is owl related!

Owl Necklace on a silver chain by Steinvika

Actually, there are a lot of this necklace around Etsy. If you want it, look around, I just picked one of them. Isn't it cute?

Owl Pitcher by My Polka Dot Pottery 

Don't ask me why, I just like it! 

Owls on a branch mobile by Viola Studio 

Under the weather print by Arian 

Love Owls Figurines in Aqua Blue 

Owl Measuring Tape by Felt Mates

Tell me this isn't adorable IF YOU DARE!

Super cute black owl small clutch/coin purse by Graceful Crafts 

 The Hypnowl painting on canvas by The State of Things

Owl on branch vinyl wall graphic by Say it with style

So, what do you think? Have you found something interesting on Etsy lately, new shops you want to share? 


Crushinator X said...

Omg, the neckalce is so adorable! Idefinetely need one :D

MadeByJulietta said...

How cute!!

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