Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Monday at Makeupland (Weekly Lost in Makeupland post)

I'm very excited this week and it hasn't almost started! First of all, as you may know already, I released the Alice's Chains collection, I'm working on a nostalgic collection (I've posted a few pictures on Twitter today) that will be released by the end of May/start of June. It has been in the works for a long time, but I've been holding up on it for outer reasons I won't go into.

I'm also working on new blush and face powder shades, lipbalms (which I'm going to start shipping to my volunteer testers) and will soon ask you all out for help on a beautiful project I already talked about on Twitter. If you follow my tweets, you've already seen when I asked you out for your stories on cat adoption. I'll talk more openly about the whole project and how it's going to be done, but in a few words, I want to put all your stories and mine together into a little ebook that would be donated to an animal shelter (I've contemplated selling it and donating the benefits but I want no shadow of doubt over myself and my honesty) and besides that I'll make an eyeshadow collection as a tribute to these cats. I'll give you more details in a while, but hope everybody is as excited about it as I am. :)

Now for the news!

Bye, bye sifters!!

I've already started to replace sifters in 5gram jars with shrink bands. This means that jars will be full and closed. Price will stay the same for them $5.99. I still have to update all my listings and include this info so there aren't any unhappy clients.

Doesn't it look cute? 
Weekly Sale

I already posted about it (typo included lol!), until May 8th all orders over $15 (before shipping) get a free surprise gift!! ;) It's valid on both my ArtFire and Etsy shops.

Doesn't look like it, but it's spring! Giveaway time!

Usually here in Spain when April comes weather becomes super sunny and we have nice temperatures. This year it hasn't been like that. It's been raining, dark, quite cold a lot of days.. not what spring is supposed to be at the south of Spain.

Still, I'm stubborn and want to wear bright colors and cheer myself through makeup. During this month I'll be uploading looks using colors I like for spring. For me, it's time for yellows (am I the only sucker for yellow eyeshadow out there?), neons, oranges and strong lips (bold pink and ooooh I SO want to get my hands o a Morgana Cryptoria's orange lippie!).

Which leads me to the following... do you want to win an Alice's Chains collection sample pack? Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite colors for spring on your eyes and lips.

-You must be a follower to enter.
-Giveaway it's open worldwide.
-For an extra entry, you can tweet " Let's celebrate spring with a gift from @lostmakeupland "

A winner will be drawn at random on Monday May 9th. It can't be easier!

Alice's Chains collection swatches

So, how's spring treating you so far? Are a lot of you experiencing allergies too? Do they affect the way you put on your makeup? For example I try not to line my waterline and avoid mascara on my bottom lashes when my eyes are all allergic and watery.  


Sarah said...

Favourite eye colours are orange or purple. Anything bright will do though, LOL! For lips bright pink or a shimmery pink gloss are what I'm wearing right now.

Lana said...

Since my favorite color is purple, I mostly wear such shades all year :D. Latelly I've been loving yellow, orange, bright greens. For lips, gentle, light pink. Maybe fuschia.Nothing to strong.

Kayla said...

I'm really loving yellow for eyes this summer, with soft pink or lilac lips! I've been having problems with allergies, too, so keeping my lower lid as bare as possible has been my only option.

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Minty Leroux said...

I too, am a total sucker for yellow eyeshadow. And orange.
For lips... I've been experimenting with bright colors (especially Pink and orange). And ultra pale pink/white. And coppery browns. But I've yet to find "The One" that I'm happy with. Tempted to try and find metallic gold... Though darker bold orange has been very nice. :)

Also, I've been totally lusting after your Alice's Chains collection since you put up the swatches on facebook! So this contest is freakin' awesome!

This season called "Spring" does not exist her in the state of Utah. :( We're at 200% of the normal snowpack right now and still getting more snow. Then we'll jump up to 90+ degree weather that will melt everything and leave us with a bunch of mud.

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

My fave Spring colours for my eyes would have to be bright purple and sky blue. For my lips, hot pinks like OCC 'Anime' and baby pinks, too :) I tweeted @beautysbadhabit

Minty Leroux said...

(oh wait... it wasn't swatches on FB, it was a link to the shop listings that I was swooning over. It all blends into one for me,lol)

Irena said...

My spring eyeshadow color is green, I'm all about the green :) and for the lips it's fuchsia!

I'm a follower :)

Skulda said...

I'm a follower!
skulda.blackheart (at) gmail (dot) com

I get allergies terribly. I avoid eye makeup on my lower lash line. Just upper lid.

Anonymous said...

It's Fall here (and I'm loving every second of it).

My Spring favorite colors are green for eyes and glossy pinks and corals for lips. And some gold, too.

And I'm allergic all year long. :(

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info (at) caprichosesenciales (dot) com

Phyrra said...

I'm having awful allergies. I love pinky-coral, teal, violet and gold for spring.

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

My favorite colors for Spring are light pink-coral for lips and gold for eyes. <3

Ditto the allergy thing.. my eyes are more watery and sensitive than usual, it makes wearing makeup a pain. :(

krista carlson said...

I love the orange lips this, purples and bronze for eyes...

sabrys said...

Hi ^^
Right now my fav color on eyes and lips is coral,but I also love violet and yellow for eyes :)

Kemcaflipflops said...

I love greens & purples on my eyes but am completely useless when it comes to lip colour!

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