Friday, January 21, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks!

05/Feb/2011 UPDATE: As promised, I added lip swatches for the colors I hadn't before, ENJOY!! ;)

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have seen me rave to death these days about Morgana Cryptoria's vegan lipsticks.

It's my second order from that shop and I'm absolutely glad that I placed it. The prices are really fair, I got a shipping notification, the products arrived incredibly fast and, to make it all the better, the products are great. Melissa is lovely and the communication with her is easy and quick. Great quality, the colors suit me well... Can I be any happier?

I ordered four lipsticks:

-Azalea Blue
-Love Lies Bleeding
-Twinkling Rubies
-Very Cherry

The formula is gorgeous, applies opaque in one swipe, I get a good application just from the bullet, which is great and helps me do my lips quick. It does feel really good on my lips as it isn't drying and it lasts and doesn't bleed because it isn't too "liquid". Still, I've worn these lipsticks during more than five hours without needing any lipbalm (I'm always reaching for lipbalms so this is a really good thing).

Not only are the colors gorgeous, but they wear extremely well and for a long time. I've had Twinkling Rubies last on me for five and a half hours, leaving a lovely red stain on my lips. It lasted through eating, drinking a couple of cappucinos, and a redbull. It faded regularly and slowly, so I didn't get any patches.

Overall I'm really impressed because I was expecting something really good and got a Holy Grail. These lipsticks are the perfect excuse to wear a bold lip everyday!

Here you have a few swatches so you understand why I'm so happy!

Azalea Blue it's impressive, a beautiful fuchsia pink with a strong blue shift. My skin is really warm, I'm pale and a bit golden with pink tones so it clashes with my skin tone a bit, still, it doesn't look bad and I find it wearable and in fact I've used it as a lipstick and as a stain, it does leave a gorgeous pink stain once it wears off. I've gotten around four hours of wear with this one.


Love Lies Bleeding is a darker shade of red, looks a bit vampy of me but still wearable, gorgeous for medium to dark skin tones and also flattering for pale people. I especially like it as a lipstain, it's plain beautiful! It lasts on me over three hours.

Twinkling rubies is by far, my favourite. It was a surprise because I hadn't seen any swatch where I could see the glitter properly so I really didn't know what I was buying, but OMG am I glad I ordered it!
It's so beautiful I have no words!! When I apply it to my lips I feel like I'm wearing the most beautiful ruby shoes ever, but on my lips hehe. I find this is the one that lasts on my lips longer. Swatches do it no justice, it's got the most beautiful red sparkle on it.

And my second favourite is Very Cherry, it's a perfect shade of red, more wearable than Twinkling Rubies (it doesn't have glitter). It is GORGEOUS and it's the color that first caught me from the whole Morgana collection. I will update this post with proper lip swatches when I have some time, because it's worth seeing it. It is quite flattering on me and gives my lips a beautiful look. LO-LO-LO-LO-VE it!!!

In conclussion, my experience with Morgana Cryptoria has been great and I will come back, I highly recommend you this store!!

Have you tried Morgana's lippies? Which colors do you like the most? Are there other indie lipsticks you love? I'd love to know! :)


Phyrra said...

Azalea blue is my favorite. These are holy grail lippies for me :>

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Phyrra Azalea Blue it's gorgeous, so fucking gorgeous the word gorgeous doesn't make it any justice. Pity I didn't buy it before when my hair was pink :( They certainly are HG, I'm more than impressed with everything about them <3

keijukainen said...

Thanks for the swatches! I'm going to order my first Morgana lipsticks soon. I hope you'll be adding a lip swatch of Love Lies Bleeding.

I love Evil Shades' lipsticks in Devilista and Stiletto. Fyrinnae's lip lustres don't really count as lipsticks but love those too.

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Keikukainen I will!! I plan on swatching on my lips all 4 lipsticks, stay tuned because I will post them soon :)

I'm waiting for an Evil Shades order which contains some lip products, can't wait to get them! Haven't tried Fyr's lippies either, but would love to in the future I'm obsessed with lip products lately <3

Sakuradesu said...

I love Azalea Blue too!!! I'm wearing it right now:D I plan to order from Morgana again once she releases her new lippies!

krista carlson said...

They all look so pretty on you....very nice!!!

keijukainen said...

Va-va-voom! They look gorgeous on you!

Mrs. Sassy said...

Is Very Cherry and Twinkling Rubies different enough to justify having both?

Lost in Makeupland said...

@Sakuradesu Can't wait to receive my miiiillions lipstick samples! <3

@Krista Thanks! :)

@Keijukainen Oh, thank you! :)

@Peace Love and Sparkles! When I read your comment I went ahead and applied both on my lips, one at each side. On my lips, Very Cherry looks slightly darker, deeper. The biggest difference it's the glitter on Twinkling Rubies. To me it's justified to have both, but if you're not a red lipstick person or glitter sets you off I'd say go for Very Cherry. Twinkling Rubies it's my favouritest lipstick ever though ;)

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